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False callers come in a variety of sizes and forms. They may be clothed in overalls or suits, and they could be men or women. For small businesses & homeowners, controlling access to your property is becoming increasingly important.

Control Equipment

A key controlled lock is cost efficient in instances when there are few users who need infrequent access. Other options are available for scenarios with additional employees and regular use:-

Coded locks

A mechanical or electronic coded door lock is available. Before the door may be opened, a pre-determined code (letters or digits) must be entered.

These devices are most successful in circumstances where there isn’t a lot of foot activity.

There will always be possible complications involved with someone abandoning any lock when all users share the same code. The revised code must then be sent to all valid users.

It is not commonplace for everyone at a major company to know the code, including workers, paperboys, window cleaners, and office cleaners.

Avoid using consecutive or repeating numbers. Codes should be updated often.

Smart cards

The usage of an electronic personal identification card to get access to a facility is becoming a highly inexpensive and cost-effective solution for a corporation.

The card swipe action may be used to manage a wide range of security processes, from basic door locks to turnstiles and alarm system control.

The systems on offer vary from the basic to the complex. Pairs of cards are used in a low-cost version. The employee receives one, while the employer keeps the other. Swiping the employer’s card through the doors that that specific employee is authorised to enter immediately authorises the employee’s admission.

Computer-controlled systems are more sophisticated and may be used to probe the system for a number of reasons (eg time keeping).
A coded lock and card swipe system are quite popular in situations when a higher degree of protection is required.

Many systems now include a “anti pass-out” feature, which means that although an employee’s card is recorded as being in the building, it cannot be transferred to another person for them to get access.

Advanced technologies

The number of access control systems has expanded quickly in recent years as technology has advanced.

Automatic authorization systems that read people’s eyes, scan fingerprints, and read identity badges from afar (proximity readers) are no longer science fantasy.

If a greater degree of access control is required, then the specialised manufacturers can help.

Internal Entry

Certain locations inside the property should be off-limits to visitors and staff. Because of the possibility of sabotage (a dissatisfied employee), casual and determined staff theft, or sneak-in type offenders, these specified places (e.g. computer rooms, data storage spaces, salaries department, stock rooms, etc.) may be recognised.

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