Autumn is the worst season for burglaries

The possibility of opportunistic robbers & intruders increases when summer ends, the leaves begin to fall and the evenings become longer.

Darkness is a thief’s greatest buddy, so when the clocks go back and the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, it’s time to take precautions to prevent becoming an easy target.

Keeping your doors and windows securely closed, installing an effective alarm system, and programming your lights to turn on after dark are all common sense techniques to deter intruders. However, there are situations when that isn’t enough.

Trends in Crime

Autumn often has greater break-in rates than December, refuting the myth that the holiday season is when property is most vulnerable.

While all property crime tends to rise around this time, burglaries are at an all-time high (along with vehicle crime). There are a variety of precautions that we can all take to keep our homes and automobiles secure from intruders, with reduced daylight hours and less attention from homeowners to blame.

Don’t make yourself an easy target.

Many police forces and local governments launch programmes to lower break-in rates, urging people to keep their houses secured and brightly lit, whether they are inhabited or not.

Alarm systems and CCTV cameras, especially those that are visible, will prevent opportunists, while keeping valuables and keys out of sight should be a routine practise. Leave the lights on (or put them on timers to conserve energy) and shut your curtains while you’re gone at night.

If you attempt to imagine your home through the eyes of a thief, you’ll be able to recognise the weak spots that may be targeted.

Consider a monitored alarm

For full protection we at Ultimate Alarms recommend installing a monitored home security system. A monitored alarm delivers true peace of mind as it means that professional security operators are remotely overseeing and responding to your home’s security system, every day of the year 24/7. This means that, unlike unmonitored systems, your alarm is never just ignored when you are at work, away for the day or off on holiday. Call us today for details.

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