Best ways to deter burglars

Home security may take various forms, and many of us have some kind of system in place to assist in increasing the overall security of our home and belongings.

There are a variety of measures available to every household, ranging from visual deterrents to CCTV surveillance.

House alarms

Let’s begin with the most visible and, in many circumstances, most effective deterrent: intruder alarms. Burglar alarms are ideal for the majority of domestic and commercial properties that need protecting, with a wide range of options available to suit all needs, whether a monitored alarm system that will call a security company when triggered or a simple bell alarm that will make a loud enough noise to scare thieves away. When prominently visible outside a home, they not only warn others of an ongoing robbery, but they also operate as significant deterrents.

Security cameras

The last thing a criminal wants is to be seen – this increases his/her chances of being interrupted, identified & caught. A home CCTV system (with signage that the property is being surveilled) acts as a strong deterrent to opportunist housebreakers but also provides video evidence that may help apprehend thieves and vandals.

Lights on inside & external security lights

The key to discouraging opportunistic robbers is to make the home seem inhabited. This is the easiest way to do this. Illumination contributes significantly to this, and both indoor and outdoor lighting may help.

External motion sensor lights may startle any burglars trying to hide their activities, causing them to flee the area, while indoor illumination makes it seem as though someone is home. There are also systems that imitate a TV in operation, with the familiar light visible through the curtains to intruders.


The sound of a nasty dog somewhere in the home is one thing that quickly deters a thief. There is now a selection of “watchdog alarm” systems that generate realistic-sounding dog barks when a motion sensor is activated, so you don’t have to go out and get a new pet just for home security purposes.

Hide your valuables

Many break-ins are motivated by opportunism, so don’t offer burglars any clues about what’s inside your house or workplace. Close curtains after dark and store computers and jewellery in cabinets, drawers, or boxes while not in use to keep valuables out of sight.

Quality locks, fences & secured gates

The more difficult it is to get access to your property, the less likely a thief will try a break-in. This implies that erecting a sturdy fence around a location, especially one that is commercial or industrial, will deter all but the most determined burglars—especially if they must climb a significant height or pass past sharp edges or vandalised paint.

In the same way that professional thieves can defeat ordinary locks in seconds, having a visible deadlock installed on your doors will make them think twice.

Monitored alarms

At Ultimate Alarms our experience tells us that installing a remotely monitored alarm is a great way to protect your home. A monitored alarm delivers true peace of mind as it means that professional security operators are overseeing and responding to your home’s security system, every day of the year 24/7. This means that, unlike unmonitored systems, your alarm is never just ignored when you are at work, away for the day or off on holiday. For full protection we at Ultimate Alarms recommend installing a monitored home security system. Call us for details.

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