Bike security tips – protect your cycle from thieves

The lockdown encouraged many of us to ditch the car and try cycling both as an escape from being stuck indoors during lockdowns and to enjoy the quieter roads. The growth of cycle lanes and the import of safe cycling strategies from our European neighbours mean many of us are tempted to use a bike for commuting and short journeys to save money on petrol or public transport during the cost of living crisis. Having your bike stolen is annoying and an inconvenience, whether it is a £70 recycled cycle or a £3000 e-bike, so it is important to take steps to deter bike thieves both when outside and at home.

Since the start of the first lockdown, research indicates that over one hundred thousand bikes have been stolen in Britain.

As more people head out on the road or a mountain trail for some fresh air and exercise in the summer, bike thefts tend to rise noticeably. But when there are more bicycles in public places, there is more potential for theft.

Here are some bike security tips to deter thieves from targeting your bicycle:

Invest in a quality lock and use it

Use a strong D-lock to keep your bicycle locked up.

To avoid theft, make sure the item is fastened to a stationary object using both the wheel and frame.

Use locks that adhere to Sold Secure requirements and are accepted by insurance. A good bike lock is worth a lot because bike thieves want to avoid getting caught so want to spend as little time stealing a bike as possible so will look for easy targets first.

It can be tempting to leave your bike unsecured if popping into a cafe or shop for a minute but even if you can see your bike, it can be stolen in an instant so always lock it up. Carry a lighter lock if you know you can’t be bothered using a heavy lock for short stops so that your bicycle is always secured against thieves.

Save copies of your receipts for purchases in case you need to make an insurance claim. Make sure you have theft insurance because you may have put a lot of money into your bike. Since certain home insurance providers frequently have a value limit on your bike, it is important to think about specialised cycle insurance, especially if your bike is expensive. Organisations such as British Cycling have their own dedicated specialist cyclist insurance schemes.

Keep your bike hidden and never leave it unlocked, even when it is on your property. Most bicycle thefts happen on the victim’s property, usually in the garden, shed, or garage, because outbuilding security is poor and bikes are often left unsecured inside them.

Avoid leaving detachable attachments on your bike, such as lights or expensive cycling computers, as doing so will only make it more appealing to would-be thieves. Some recommend removing your saddle if leaving your bike for the day to make it unrideable – but don’t forget to replace it before you ride off yourself!

Mark and register your bicycle with a police-approved program, such as the Bike Register scheme from Police Scotland, to increase the chances of it being found if it goes missing. Put a tamper-proof sticker alerting people that the bike has been marked on the frame. Many recovered bicycles cannot be returned to their original owners simply because they are not marked and cannot be traced back. Police Scotland’s recently-launched Pedal Protect scheme aims to crack down on rising bike thefts in Scotland.

Consider installing an Apple AirTag to your bike so that you can monitor the location of your bike if it does get stolen but never take the law into your own hands to retrieve a bike and remember that the tags themselves can be removed so they are no perfect solution to bicycle theft.

Installing a modern home security system means that your shed and garage can be protected and monitored as well as your actual home so that your beloved bike collection can benefit from smart security from a high-tech but easy-to-use system.

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