Can an alarm save you money on home insurance?

Many of us are becoming more cautious about living expenses, maybe as a result of previous financial crises that have impacted the national and global economies and the current cost of living crisis in 2022.

Homeowners, particularly first-time purchasers, have been extra careful since this is one area where sharply increasing prices may have a significant effect on their already-strained household budgets.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to cut down on the expenses of property ownership, some of which are as basic as improving the security of your home.

What’s the point of installing an alarm?

Installing an alarm system is the most obvious strategy to reduce the danger of crime happening at your house (or improve your current one).

The advantages are twofold: you will not only keep your house and its contents safe against burglary, but you will also save money on your home insurance. House insurance companies reward people who take precautions to safeguard their homes from invaders, similar to how automobile insurers cut rates based on the driver’s experience or how securely the car is stored overnight.

Visible alarms on the outside of houses and businesses dissuade opportunistic burglars, and nothing stops a crime in progress faster than a loud and immediate alarm call.

What kind of alarm does my insurer require?

Check your policy and contact your insurer directly. Some insurers will not accept just any home alarm; instead, they will need professional grade security systems installed by reputable firms such as Ultimate Alarms, who will be able to create an alarm specifically for your property’s requirements.

The more visible your alarm system is, the more likely it is to deter potential burglars. While alarms are useful for alerting you to a break-in, if you can turn them off at the source, you can boost your no-claims discount with your insurance, allowing you to save money in another way.

Other security measures

While CCTV systems are another fantastic way to boost security at business buildings, home insurers do not typically take them into account when quoting since they are not prevalent in most houses.

Security lighting, on the other hand, is well-known and is an excellent method to lessen the chances of your home becoming a target for thieves, as is Neighbourhood Watch membership, which may save you up to five percent on your insurance costs.

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