Can I control CCTV from a smartphone or tablet?

There’s no doubt that smartphone technology has had a significant influence on our everyday lives and this is also true for home security systems – apps from Pyronix & Hikvision means that it is now easy to monitor your surveillance cameras from your phone whether it’s Apple or Android.

Instant communication, high-quality photography, and Internet access on our phones have become the standard, not to mention the hundreds of finely built applications aimed at making our lives simpler.

While some of the functions of mobile phones and tablets are minor, such as playing games or looking up TV listings, others offer convenience and even security. CCTV surveillance is unquestionably in the latter category. Although remote monitoring of security systems has long been feasible, it has only lately become possible to take your monitoring equipment with you wherever you go.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring works on the basis of allowing a user to see a closed-circuit camera system from a different place. When the property’s alarm or detection system is triggered, the user may examine the live feed from the CCTV for the reason, and if it’s an actual intruder, the user can inform the appropriate authorities.

In the case of mobile phone and tablet surveillance, this is accomplished through a static or dynamic IP address link to the CCTV network. You may now monitor your protected premises from anywhere in the globe, enabling you to make the appropriate call as soon as anything suspicious occurs. There are, however, additional advantages to monitoring mobile phones and tablets.

This kind of remote monitoring not only allows you to keep a watch on your property while on the go, but it also substantially reduces the number of false alarm calls made by police departments when an alarm is activated by anything other than a break in.

Outside of work hours, premises may be watched, making it a great option for all businesses, warehouses, factories, schools, and more. While CCTV may be a fantastic deterrent and give footage that can be used against intruders in legal procedures, the ability to intervene in a crime in progress with the addition of mobile phone and tablet monitoring helps to keep your property as safe as possible.

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