Pet-friendly alarm

Pets and home security

A dog is seen as a loyal, lifelong companion for the majority of dog owners. However, for other people, a dog’s main function is to protect the home and/or the things that are most important to them. It doesn’t have to be a Rottweiler to do this! The loudest bark may come from the tiniest...
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How to protect pets from theft

We’re all concerned about home security and protecting our valuables from attackers. However, for many of us, our dogs, cats or other pets are far more important than physical possessions, so it’s ironic that we often overlook both their needs and their safety when we think about home security. If you don’t already have contingency...
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How do burglar alarm sensors work?

Passive infrared detection technology used in security systems has evolved over time, with leading manufacturers always coming up with new and novel methods to detect intruders and minimise false alarms. The PIR sensor technology, which is used in many burglar alarm systems in both residential and commercial locations, is one of the most effective to...
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Alarms to protect both pets and homes

Are you a pet owner? Whether you have a dog, cat, or exotic pet, they all need protection as part of your overall home security just like any other family member. Your pet is at risk in the event of a break-in whether from criminals’ violence or being stolen as part of a burglary (or...
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How do pet tolerant alarms work?

The combination of pets & burglar alarm systems home alone used to be a recipe for persistent false alarms – leading many pet owners to leave their alarms off and their homes unprotected to avoid annoying their neighbours and the local police. Thanks to modern pet-friendly alarm technology from Pyronix and Ultimate Alarms you can...
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