Physical security measures

As important as an alarm system is for protecting your home, remember that this should be seen as part of your home security alongside physical measures such as doors & locks to provide ultimate security. Check your insurance policy The majority of insurance companies now require a certain amount of physical security, which is described...
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Deter burglars when you’re on holiday

If you’re packing for a vacation, you’ll have a lot on your mind. But, when you plan your vacation, keep in mind your house, which may need additional security while you’re gone. You may already have some security measures in place, such as surveillance lights, HD CCTV cameras, or a burglar alarm, but you can...
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Access control products

False callers come in a variety of sizes and forms. They may be clothed in overalls or suits, and they could be men or women. For small businesses & homeowners, controlling access to your property is becoming increasingly important. Control Equipment A key controlled lock is cost efficient in instances when there are few users...
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