Shed security

How do I protect my home when I’m out at work?

The prospect of vacant homes lying unattended all day is a massive temptation for burglars and a potential worry for us as all we leave our homes behind for a hard day at the office. If you are spending many hours or working days away from home, improving your home security is is undoubtedly a...
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Garden and shed security tips

Scots love their gardens. We spend many millions as a country on plants, pots, furniture, equipment, and other products last year is therefore not shocking. Nothing is more pleasant than spending some time in your outdoor settings, regardless of whether you’re an experienced gardener, a sun addict, a garden office worker or just a nature...
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Bike security tips – protect your cycle from thieves

The lockdown encouraged many of us to ditch the car and try cycling both as an escape from being stuck indoors during lockdowns and to enjoy the quieter roads. The growth of cycle lanes and the import of safe cycling strategies from our European neighbours mean many of us are tempted to use a bike...
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Shed security tips

Every year, around 20,000 shed burglaries are recorded in the United Kingdom. The shed may not be your first priority when it comes to house security. You may believe there is nothing worth stealing, yet the overall value of a shed’s contents is sometimes much greater than people believe. Unlike the rest of the house,...
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