Common burglary mistakes by homeowners

Burglars are similar to the majority of us in one respect: they like a simple existence. And nothing appeals to them more than a property that is easy to break into.

In 2017-18, there were over 15,000 burglaries reported in Scotland.

What common security mistakes do homeowners make?

Unlocked Doors & Windows

Most housebreakers gain entrance to a property via a door, with around a third through a lower level window, so leaving them unlocked is an open invitation.

According to estimates, nearly a quarter of individuals leave their doors open when at home. This is risky, as a sneak thief can walk in while you are busy doing the hoovering, making dinner, or napping on the couch.

Allowing a house to appear vacant

On a weekday, domestic burglaries are a third more common than on a weekend. Criminals assume that since people are at work or school, residences are less likely to be inhabited. As a result, even if your house is vacant, make sure it does not seem so by using measures such as: the sound of a barking dog (real or a recording), a TV or radio on (or a gadget that mimics this), leaving a car or van in the driveway, avoiding leaving recycling bins and boxes outdoors for lengthy periods of time, and cancelling milk and newspaper delivery, even if you are just going to be gone for a few days.

Assuming break-ins only happen at night

Most break-ins actually during daylight hours, when homes are more likely to be vacant (people at work, school or university) with only a minority carried out at night. It’s a common fear to imagine that someone is rifling through your possessions when you’re sleeping, but this is less likely.

It is estimated that more than half of the population sleeps with a window open at some time. This is inevitable on warmer evenings. If you do have to leave a window open, make sure it can’t be readily climbed through without being seen.

Not having a home security system

A professionally-installed burglar alarm system, a visible alarm box, and appropriate signage are considered some of the best ways to dissuade burglars from targeting your home in the first place. House breakers want an easy target with a low risk of getting interrupted, identified and caught. In addition, having a home CCTV system installed enhances your home security and provides greater deterrence, earlier warning of intruders, and footage to use as evidence should the worst happen.

Leaving valuables on show

Making a note of what they could see through windows was one of the tactics they utilised. As a result, you should keep valuables hidden from view, particularly in rooms on the ground level and in the basement. Passports, car keys, and jewellery, for example, should be kept in a safe or secure box.

Inadequate lighting and an open garden

What thief wouldn’t want to sneak about unnoticed? Because darkness offers excellent cover, consider investing in some motion-activated security lights to deter burglars and warn you if someone is prowling outside your house. The new Pyronix Light Camera fitted by Ultimate Alarms combines both powerful security lighting and a security camera into a single unit.

You should make access to your property as difficult as possible. Installing a fence with a locked gate around your garden is one option.

Holiday posts on social media

Sharing photos of oneself on the beach, enjoying supper, or viewing the sites is entertaining. But who else is watching outside of friends and family? Tens of millions of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users across the globe might potentially be aware of your whereabouts. It doesn’t take long for a thief to figure out that you aren’t at home. Instead of providing robbers with helpful information, why not wait until you go home to publish your holiday snaps?

Old doors and windows

Because glass is more easily broken than uPVC, older windows and door panels offer lower security than modern equivalents. Coating older glass with clear security film will make older glass less likely to shatter. Replacing older windows and doors, if you can afford to, will provide greater physical security.

To enhance your domestic property’s protection with a quality Pyronix monitored alarm system plus security camera systems from Hikvision get in touch with the team at Ultimate Alarms, suppliers and installers of home security systems in Glasgow & across central Scotland.

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