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The Pyronix Enforcer V11 Control Panel is the latest version of a controller that has won “Intruder Product of the Year” in 2017,18,19 & 21

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    Pyronix Enforcer v11 – the all-in-one home security solution

    Smart, easy-to-use home alarm control panels

    The heart of any burglar alarm system is the control panel so for ultimate protection you need a controller with class-leading technology & reliability. Our preferred panel for wireless alarm installations, the Pyronix Enforcer V11 combines a clean, modern aesthetic with cutting edge smart features including secure wireless communication, up to 66 zones, individual user control & customization options to deliver high performance.
    All-in-one security platform
    WiFi or GPRS-SIM communication
    Indoor & outdoor security coverage
    Expandable & customizable system
    Set custom zones for tailored security
    Enforcer v11

    Enforcer – award-winning burglar alarm control

    Selectable zones

    The latest security technology allows you to set zones to provide security coverage to areas of your home & add peripherals to monitor your vehicles outside.

    Worldwide control

    The alarm system can be armed, disarmed, deliver notifications & system status updates anywhere you are in the world over the internet via the HomeControl app.

    HomeControlHUB Tablet

    The V11 can be supplied with a dedicated Android Tablet & HomeControl Hub app which gives full control of both your new alarm & CCTV systems.

    Video monitoring

    You can use the dedicated tablet & HomeControl HUB app to control & monitor a security camera system with up to 16 cameras.

    Occupancy detection zones

    The Enforcer allows special occupancy zones to be set to enable you to keep an eye on elderly parents or relatives to monitor their wellbeing.

    Onboard WiFi

    The Pyronix Enforcer V11 comes with built-in WiFi to ensure easy communication with your network, apps & the Alarm Receiving Centre.

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