Deter burglars when you’re on holiday

If you’re packing for a vacation, you’ll have a lot on your mind. But, when you plan your vacation, keep in mind your house, which may need additional security while you’re gone. You may already have some security measures in place, such as surveillance lights, HD CCTV cameras, or a burglar alarm, but you can secure your house even more at no additional expense by duping would-be thieves. These methods will confuse any potential burglars watching your property.

Keep your travel plans private

You should avoid announcing your vacation intentions in public since you never know where nosy ears or eyes could be lurking. Someone may be listening to your talk in your back yard, on the street, or at a store or restaurant, and recording your departure and return dates. Even if you reveal your trip intentions privately or discreetly, they may be shared with less discretion, so keep your travel plans to yourself until you return.

Keep valuables out of sight

Even if you’re at home, don’t tempt yourself by placing nice objects in plain sight of your windows or front door, since anybody interested in purchasing them will be looking for a chance. Before you go on your vacation, secure and well-hide your valuables, or give them to a trusted friend or family member to keep them safe until you return. You might also store them for a charge with your bank or in a self-storage facility.

Leave signs of life on

If you clean your home too much before leaving, it can become lifeless and attract unwelcome attention. Set up a security system for intermittent illumination or leave a few low-energy lights on. Leave a radio or TV on – or both, in separate rooms – to add to the lived-in feel. Arrange window curtains and blinds unevenly for a relaxed appearance, leaving them typically half open to seem regular for day or night. Remember to take potted plants and flower vases off windowsills unless you’ve made arrangements for a neighbour to water them while you’re gone; fading flowers reveal your absence.

Have a trustworthy friend/neighbour check inside regularly

Arrange for a trustworthy friend to visit your vacant house from time to time, turning on lights and making the space seem inhabited. Request that they clear the mail from your mailbox, open windows, change the curtains and blinds, and maybe mow the yard. They might also water your interior and outdoor plants. A long-term neighbour with spare time would undoubtedly be pleased to do this for you, either for a little fee or a present, or on the basis of a mutual agreement that you’ll return the favour when they go. Maybe they’d want to move in with you for the length of your vacation for a change of scenery—with a few ground rules in place, this might be a great option.

Load your car carefully

Don’t make it obvious that you’re going on vacation. To minimise the amount of baggage while loading your automobile, pack your less expensive goods a day or two ahead of time. To deceive any onlookers, pack your vehicle in your garage or, if you have a driveway or street parking, select a time when it is not as crowded, such as early morning or late at night. Conceal vacation things like sunhats and beach accessories in regular shopping bags until you’ve driven away, lowering the number of apparent travel bags. Keep your goodbyes low-key or secret, and go as if you were simply popping out.

As you depart, double-check that all of your windows and doors are closed, and set up any security systems you may have. Then, with all of your creative strategies in place, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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