Do burglar alarms really work?

At their most basic level, they’re a visible deterrent that may frighten criminals away and in our opinion at Ultimate Alarms, a quality house alarm remains the foundation of every effective home security system.

People have depended on their inventiveness to detect intrusions and safeguard their property for generations.

Alarms are almost as ancient as the human species itself, ranging from frightened geese and barking dogs to the original ringing bell alarm that was developed in the 19th. century. Technological progress from security industry manufacturers such as Pyronix means that the modern-day burglar alarm comes with a myriad of options for monitoring and control to provide extensive protection.

However, the argument over how effective burglar alarms are and how they may genuinely halt intruders in their tracks persists.

Do Alarms Actually Work?

In Scotland, almost 10,000 burglaries were reported in 2020-1 but concerns are growing that accompanying straitened economic times, housebreaking and property theft may increase, perhaps to levels during the similar period in 2008-9 after the financial crisis with reported housebreaking above 25,000 for that period.

We’ve all been there: sitting at home trying to unwind when the neighbourhood explodes with the sound of a high-powered siren.

The end product is designed to alert someone to the fact that something is wrong. However, more often than not, the answer is not what we had hoped for.

Many people say they would do nothing if they heard an alert on their street leading to . As a result of polls like this, some people questioning the value of alarms if people do not respond to them.

Alarms, luckily, have a far broader effect than just alerting neighbours to a possible invader on the street.

Alarms are, in fact, effective. According to government crime research, security systems were installed in 3/4 of assessed residences that had not been burgled. Meanwhile, two-thirds of burgled homes lacked an alarm system.

Deterrent effect

The ability to see an alarm from the outside is crucial to its effectiveness.

According to a poll of convicted burglars, the appearance of an alarm system deters the majority of them. Respondents agreed that if they discovered their first destination had visible alarms, they would walk on to a different property.

The bulk of thieves take advantage of opportunities. If people notice an alarm, they know the person is concerned about the security of their house or company.

Rather than risk getting caught in the act, many thieves choose to call a stop to their plans and focus on safer, less risky alternatives. Buildings with no alarms, CCTV or even open windows or unsecured doors make for a far better target.

Remote monitoring

If the visual alarm box isn’t enough to dissuade them, the thieves are likely to be hell-bent on breaking into your home. This is where the quality of your alarm system pays dividends. The majority of alarms are notorious for creating loud noise in order to notify people nearby. Burglars have caught on to this strategy and are no longer concerned about the alarm bells. They time the majority of house burglaries to take less than the normal police response time to minimise the risk of getting caught.

As a result, an increasing number of individuals are turning to professional security agencies to install top-of-the-line alarm systems that enable security agents to monitor their homes and businesses.

Ultimate Alarms’ monitored alarm systems are monitored by Cougar Monitoring Ltd, a professional remote monitoring security business who run a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK. Our monitored alarm systems are connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the ARC where Cougar’s trained and vetted personnel check and respond to any alarm activations immediately and in the most appropriate way.

Alarms are part of the solution

Alarms are an important feature of any security system but they should be seen as part of an all-round approach to home security including physical measures, perimeter protection, monitoring and security cameras to make break-ins as difficult and unappealing as possible

For smart house alarms that combine cutting-edge technology combined with easy control by smartphone, fob or keypad look no further than a Pyronix security system supplied & installed by Ultimate Alarms. We also supply & fit home CCTV systems. Contact us today for installation in Glasgow, Paisley and throughout central Scotland.

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