Do I need a home visit for a home security quote?

Ultimate Alarms feels that being upfront with customers is critical and the best way to assess their needs and explain the alarm and CCTV options available is in a face-to-face consultation at home rather than over the phone or online as some “security” companies attempt to quote. That’s why we’d like to explain why our free, no obligation home visit and security audit is crucial to getting the right home security system for you and your property.

You made a conscious decision to live where you do. It might be the garden, the fantastic layout, or the fact that it includes a light and cheerful living area. Your home has distinct traits that, although comparable to those of other houses, make it stand out from other properties. Every home is unique.

Some fixed price online only companies are unable to appreciate and tailor an alarm to the specifics of each home, simply offering a one-size-fits-all solution which may well provide inadequate security.

For example, you may desire a shock sensor near your back door to detect attempted break-ins, but you didn’t realise your tumble dryer’s vibrations would activate it every time you dry laundry. A security firm may simply offer you an estimate that includes the back door sensor without going to evaluate the property in person so they can minimise their own costs.

When we contact you to arrange a home visit, we don’t simply inquire about the property. Before we design your security quote, we need to know about your family members’ daily routines, pets and personal preferences for the monitoring and security you want.

You could have dogs that set off unwanted alarms in particular rooms, or an elderly relative who requires additional time to disable an alert or is at home all day and requires medical alert-type supervision. Your everyday routines, such as when you arrive and depart, how many individuals have access to your premises, and how much time it takes to disarm your system, should all be considered.

Of course, you already know that you want a home alarm and/or CCTV system, which is fantastic. But, without specialist knowledge of the range of the security products available and the experience to know what will work in a specific environment, potential customers can become easily confused without expert guidance. That’s why inviting us into your home to discuss your needs and the options available is the best way to get an accurate quote for the home security system that meets your specific requirements.

Our purpose is to provide you with a sense of security. This begins with the first phone conversation and continues through installation and our customer service manager checking in with you after we’re finished. We care about you and want to take the time to learn about you and your requirements. This means you’ll get a free home security audit that will identify any possible safety concerns in your house and daily routine.

Delivering the right home security system for you is important to us. This is the primary reason we will only provide you with a quotation after inspecting your property and talking to you about your requirements.

For burglar alarm systems in Glasgow & central Scotland, Ultimate alarms is here for you whether you’re in Cumbernauld, Clydebank, Carluke or wherever. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home security requirements & arrange a free quotation.

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