Do people just ignore burglar alarms?

One of the reasons many people give for not fitting a burglar alarm to their home is that people simply ignore the unmonitored siren or bell-type alarm and assume it is yet another false alarm rather than calling the police. Another issue with unattended properties is older-type alarms ringing incessantly for hours, days, or even weeks, causing major aggravation with neighbours and potentially leading some to take the law into their own hands and disable the alarm just to stop the noise. This leaves your home unprotected and your alarm system damaged.

In Scotland, many burglaries occur while no one is at home, as people are at work, away for the day or on holiday, which means that there is no-one on hand to check alarm activations and react accordingly, either to notify the authorities or reset the system after a false alarm. This is a particular problem with outdated alarms, which do not offer remote control and unmonitored alarms, where it can be difficult to check the cause of an activation without additional information from CCTV cameras and reset the alarm in the event of a fault.

An effective solution is to choose an alarm system that is overseen by a specialist remote monitoring company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to both handle false alarms and react appropriately to activations without you having to manually intervene.

It’s not always practical to get your extended family or neighbours to look after your home, and it’s much more difficult if you live far away from people you know and trust. A monitored alarm system connected to a specialist Alarm Receiving Centre takes the stress and inconvenience out of trying to arrange someone to watch your property or manage your burglar alarm when you go away. Qualified and vetted operatives are on hand to monitor and react to any alarm activation at your property. They evaluate what has triggered the alarm, assess whether it is a false alarm, and, if not, notify the owner and/or the appropriate emergency services directly.

If your house or apartment has an old, out-of-date alarm or none at all, we suggest installing a monitored alarm to protect it from burglars effectively and efficiently.

A monitored alarm means that you need never have to worry about always being able to check your security system personally. You can relax in the knowledge that trained operatives at a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre operated by our accredited security partners – Cougar Monitoring Ltd. – oversee and respond appropriately to any alarm activations. Optional personal panic alarms and medical alert fobs mean that not just your property is protected but also your family members. Call Ultimate Alarms to install a monitored security system for you to deliver professional levels of protection in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire.

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