Don’t rely on locks and keys for home security

The term “under lock and key” signifies “safe and secure,” but it’s one that may need some modernization.

For hundreds of years, locks have offered an element of security against intruders by combining a basic and effective design with low manufacturing costs.

The possibility of forced entry or picked locks has always existed, so the lock and key system has never been totally secure.

So, what are the risks associated with standard lock and key security and relying on this analogue method of protecting your home?

Relying on locks only

Any lock, unless it is a high-security type, is susceptible to expert opening. Picking a typical deadlock or handle lock, for example, does not require much knowledge since the primary goal of these security systems is to prevent forced entrance.

6 pin locks are more difficult to pick than 5 pin locks, and keeping the lock oiled will prevent the pins from adhering and catching at the “shear” line, but these measures will only slow down a determined burglar.

Despite the noise-making component of the approach, many thieves use specialised keys to ‘bump’ locks—a rapid ‘bump’ means that the key pins are jerked high for a fraction of a second onto the driver pins—and this renders deadlocks especially susceptible.

Additional layers of protection

While various kinds of locks, especially those that utilise specialised technology, give significantly greater protection, the ideal alternative to a lock and key is a security system that incorporates a number of different features.

On top of locks, burglar alarms, for example, provide an additional layer of protection – both as an alert and a deterrent – deterring the great majority of opportunistic burglars. Monitored alarms enable external firms to check on the status of triggered alarms, notifying either the key holder or the police as needed, depending on the site.

Building owners may regulate who has access to certain portions of the property using door entry control systems, which use separate key cards for different locations. Digital door entry systems eliminate the need for traditional keys, eliminating the possibility of locks being ‘bumped.’

The best approach to avoiding the hazards of the basic lock and key security system while keeping your property and its contents secure from break-ins is to use a combination of all of the above, as well as high-quality locks.

A monitored alarm means that you need never have to worry about always being able to check your security system personally. You can relax in the knowledge that trained operatives at a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre oversee and respond appropriately to any alarm activations. Optional personal panic alarms and medical alert fobs mean that not just your property is protected but also your family members. Let Ultimate Alarms install a monitored security system for you to deliver professional levels of protection in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire.

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