Door security and access control

Few things are more essential than feeling secure in your own house, which is why burglaries and vandalism should be avoided at all costs.

There are many ways to do this, ranging from ensuring that adequate alarm systems are in place to installing CCTV to capture robbery evidence while also serving as a visual deterrent. Fundamentally, though, any possible entrance point, such as windows, garages, and, most obviously, front and rear doors, should be reduced in susceptibility.

Making Your Doors Burglar-Proof

While most home security systems have improved over the past several decades, an opportunistic burglar will always be attracted to a door that is accessible by a quick kick or crowbar.

Material for Doors

It may seem self-evident, but ensuring that you have a door that can bear a little force should be a top concern. Any hollow wooden door is immediately dangerous and should be replaced with solid wood or fibreglass. Large window portions that may be readily shattered to facilitate entry should be avoided.


Even if a door is built of titanium metal, if the hinges are not properly secured, an attacker will be unable to open it. To begin with, hinges should not be installed on the outside of the doorway (common sense), where they may be damaged by a chisel, screwdriver, or other levering instrument. Second, many doors will only have three hinges on them. Adding an additional hinge between the top and middle ones, as well as another between the middle and bottom ones, can considerably boost the total strength, especially if they are stainless steel.


A door is only as robust as its locks, much like hinges. With this in mind, the best way to guarantee that the door cannot be wrenched open is to invest in a sturdy deadlock. However, it’s not only about the bolt’s quality. It’s also crucial to consider the striking plate’s strength and longevity, with metal housing being preferable. Additional bolts at the top and bottom of the door will always aid in its reinforcement.

Additional Alternatives

While the physical integrity of the door is frequently the first concern, there are a number of other actions that may be taken to boost security and manage who can enter the property electronically.

Door entry systems provide rigorous access restrictions, which are especially beneficial for larger commercial buildings, by allowing key card or key fob access to be given to authorised individuals and instantly revoked in the case of theft or loss.

For residential properties this access control technology has trickled down and we supply and install a range of door entry, video intercom and video doorbell systems that allow you to review, manage and control access to your home using your security system.

To discuss your requirements and the available options for home door entry systems in Glasgow then call Ultimate Alarms today and our friendly team will be happy to advise you.

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