During the dark hours

Burglaries spike by up to 25% in the autumn and winter1, and will rise further this week as bonfire night sees a 42% increase over an average autumn night1.

As we leave the house for seasonal festivities, it is often routine to lock the door behind us, and we are reminded of what our door locks need to be up to standard – but what is easier to forget is whether our other hardware is just as secure.

Almost a third of all domestic burglaries are committed through a window2, with forced locks and unlocked windows being the most common methods of entry.

While the property is empty, all windows should be locked and completely closed. Burglars are more daring in the darkness, so even when windows are locked or while on night vent, burglars may decide to prise open and gain access.

Rapide window locks from Yale DWS provide homeowners with advanced whole-window security. In addition to being certified to exceed British security standard PAS24:2016, Rapide’s locking surface area is three times greater than a standard, multi-point or shoot-bolt window lock. It is also Secured by Design approved.

There is another opportunistic burglar tactic known as letterbox fishing, which involves looking and using tools to gain entry through letterboxes and fish out keys.

Keeping keys or valuables out of view through a window or letterbox is a simple way to prevent this, which homeowners can begin doing right away. If there is nothing visible to attract them, then they’ll likely just move on if there is nothing to take their fancy.

In addition to preventing letterbox fishing, a secure letterbox accredited to TS008 standards can help prevent lock manipulation as well.

With a long list of features that set the Yale DWS Postmaster Professional TS008 letterbox apart from other letterboxes on the market, including fire testing, it has made significant developments since it was launched in 2018. In addition to TS008, the Postmaster Professional letterbox meets FD60, PAS 24 and Document Q accreditations, which provide maximum protection against burglars and fires.

A British quality standard should be met by all of your window and door hardware, so that they can be tested when they are finished. One of the most recommended accreditations to ensure your hardware security is tested to is PAS 24 – a benchmark of hardware performance commonly used across the window and door industry in the UK, meaning that when a customer buys a door or window from any manufacturer, they know that it meets an industry standard of security.

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