Features of wireless home security systems

As we go further into the digital era, technological advancements that make our lives simpler show no signs of slowing down.

This is especially true in the home security sector, which has been propelled into the twenty-first century by a slew of new wireless gadgets that defend your house in ways that were previously unthinkable.

We’ve selected a handful of the most intriguing new technologies for you to consider.

Smartphone app control

We can’t live without our smartphones and tablets these days, and we use them for everything from communication to internet browsing, banking, gaming, and more. As a result, it should come as no surprise that downloadable software is now available that enables you to monitor your alarm system remotely from your smartphone.

The technology not only makes life easier, but it also enables customers to manage and watch security cameras from afar to check on the state of their home’s protection.

The same technology is also available in applications that can control lights and other electrical equipment from outside the house, giving the impression that someone is at home while you are away.

Instant text, voice & ARC notifications

If your security system or alarm is activated in any manner, you may now receive notifications delivered directly to your phone in the form of a text message or email, similar to the applications listed above. When combined with remote monitoring by an Alarm Receiving Centre, this enables you to determine the nature of the alert and take appropriate action, such as calling the police in the case of a break-in.

Strong weather alerts for any storms or high winds that may harm your property are also possible with advanced versions of this notification system.

No mess, wireless installation

Alarm sensors have long been difficult to install because the cables necessary to connect them are often problematic. Modern wireless sensors, although not a fancy download app, are one of the most practical aspects of new alarm technology.

Not only does the absence of cables make the initial installation considerably easier, but it also enables you to move your sensors and alarms around if necessary.

Controlled door entry systems

With this one, you can have some additional smartphone fun. Allowing you to unlock your front door remotely while at work or on vacation allows you to let in friends and family without having to cut a spare key, as well as allow delivery people to drop off packages (though this comes with its own set of security risks however and should only be done if you have a porch with a lockable front door).

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