Front door security tips

The front door continues to be a top target for prospective break-ins when it comes to house security. Maintaining a high level of front door security is critical, given that research shows that this is the most common entry point for housebreakers to gain access a property.

And as the holiday season approaches, many of us will begin to receive more deliveries every day as we get ready for Christmas. Due to the surge in visits during the holiday season, the front door is frequently left open all day and into the evening, making the house a prime target for opportunistic thieves.

It’s crucial to keep in mind to always lock your front door when it’s not in use throughout the day and night in order to keep your property as secure as possible. This is the first step in ensuring the highest level of protection for the house.

Opportunistic burglars have continued to break into homes using a variety of methods, such as picking locks and using different tools.

So, if you have a front door lock that meets the strict rules set by professional groups, you can protect your property and help stop break-ins.

What kind of lock do you need for your door, then? The type of lock can be a night latch, commonly known as a Yale Lock, provided it complies with the requirements of the standard BS3621 if your door is made of wood.

Make sure your composite door has undergone PAS 24 testing and has a Secured by Design certificate if you own one. In this manner, you may be certain that a very sophisticated attack has been used to test the lock.

The most popular lock type for a UPVC door or multipoint lock is a euro cylinder, but because they are prone to lock snapping, a TS007 3-star lock is needed.

It’s crucial to search for the stars when choosing a lock for a UPVC door.

Cylinders are given one, two, or three stars, with three stars being the best level of protection.

There are many different types of euro cylinders on the market right now, many of which only provide a minimal level of home security. Thumbturn cylinders, 6-pin single cylinders, euro cylinders, and double cylinders all offer an average level of protection against common attacks and picking locks.

Pick the best you can afford

Thanks to a grading system for cylinders that the British Standards Institute (BSI) made for use in the UK, homeowners and people who work in the industry can be more sure that the security locking system in place meets the necessary standards and norms.

The three-star graded and immediately recognisable BS-kitemarked cylinders are the safest ones for UK locks. With numerous lines of defence for the front door, 3-star cylinders provide dependable security against various housebreaking methods.

There’s no need to panic if the thought of replacing your lock scares you because it’s quick and simple to do. A competent do-it-yourselfer can upgrade a Euro Profile cylinder, or you can hire a professional installation if you’d prefer to leave it to the experts. It’s a small modification that can have a big impact on your house’s security.

several different lines of defence.

Remember to always lock your door, even if you’re at home, day or night, as we approach the season of long nights. Check your lock’s strength and security, or have a professional locksmith do so, and, if necessary, look into upgrading it before the nights draw in.

A smart door lock is something to think about if you’re planning an improvement. Smart door locks are quickly taking over as the preferred option for protecting your front entrance due to their increased simplicity and high level of protection. You can control who comes into your home with a smartphone app that lets you see who has come in and gives digital keys to family, friends, and coworkers that can be used temporarily or permanently.

Additional security products is can enhance security at your front door. There are many different solutions that can assist in securing your front door and your property, ranging from straightforward yet useful doorchains to sophisticated security cameras.

Smart security cameras can be positioned to peer over the entry to your property or to sit neatly next to your front door. You may check on visitors to your home, deliveries, and any suspicious activity while you’re away from home using a smartphone app. When selecting the ideal one for you, pick a smart security camera that offers you all the features you require, such as a siren, light, night vision, and two-way talk such as the new Pyronix LightCam.

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