Home security starts at your front doorstep

For many of us, our front door serves as the primary entrance to our homes. It may become worn out or destroyed over time, making it simple for intruders to access. Because of this, protecting your front door should be a big part of keeping your home safe.

In order to improve front door security, you need to first examine your current door system and ask yourself a few questions. Is my hardware outdated relative to those in the neighbourhood? How recently have I upgraded my locks? Is the condition of my front door deteriorating?

When trying to break into a house, burglars look for the easiest way in. Some “professional” thieves choose a property to break into by quickly scanning the outside to see how secure it is.

Therefore, an old or damaged front door, broken door furniture, and improperly fitted cylinders can give them the impression that your front door (and security in general) haven’t been updated in a while.

Look for the British Standards Kitemark when purchasing new locks and front door accessories, as it signifies stringent testing and best-in-class construction. The door that a lock is installed on determines how effective it will be. Therefore, old or weak parts should be replaced, and the door frame should be checked and firmly fixed.

Making sure that all external wooden doors have a mortice lock and/or nightlatch, which must both meet British Standard BS3621, is a very important step to take when you want to make your property safer.

Consider replacing your PVCu or composite door with a British Standard TS007 type if you currently have one fitted in your home.

Whether you’re home or not, try to make it a habit to lock your front door. While leaving the front door unlocked when leaving the house may seem like a schoolboy home security error, many people admit to doing just that to crime researchers.

With the advent of smart door locks, you can now remotely check to see if your front door is locked. Most of the time, you can use a smartphone app to give temporary PIN codes or mobile keys to friends and family so they can get into your home in case of an emergency.

CCTV cameras covering your front doorstep let you see who’s at the door before you open it, and adding a door chain lets you talk to callers before fully opening the door, which protects you from thieves why try to push past you. Modern technology such as video doorbells, intercoms and smart door entry systems allow you to easily control and monitor access to your home.

For effective home surveillance that reliably protects your property, you should invest in quality security cameras installed by professionals with the necessary experience and ongoing support. Ultimate Alarms is the CCTV installer you need across Glasgow & west central Scotland. Contact us for all types of home security systems.

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