Home security systems for older people

While being a more mature person may make you less likely to be a victim of some types of crime, notably violent crime, which is common in city centres, the alarming truth is that older people are more likely to be victims of house thefts.

Burglaries caused by fake callers are becoming a rising subject of worry. These are burglaries in which a person enters a property under false pretences either from the water board, a utility company or even the police. While robbing the home, the burglar would persuade a vulnerable elderly person to perform some seemingly relevant activity in another room so they can “work” out of sight. Such robberies can cause lasting damage to an older individual’s confidence as well as the immediate financial loss. Many thousands of such cases are reported in the UK every year.

The technology available in modern home security systems can help to discourage and prevent such crimes.

Available options

Security cameras

Because fake callers try to look like “normal” employees, such as plumbers or electricians, it may be difficult to tell them apart. While teaching the elderly about these sorts of burglaries is an important first step in ensuring their safety, security cameras may also protect them from more typical criminal actions.

Video intercoms, doorbells and security cameras can be set up so that footage is recorded and callers viewed and spoken to with no need to even open the front door. The resident can even call a relative to check before allowing access to the caller. The presence of such equipment may be sufficient to dissuade a fake caller.

Perimeter protection

Outdoor wireless detectors may also dissuade someone attempting to trespass and force entrance into an elderly person’s house. The sensor triggers the house alarm and, with a remotely-monitored alarm, sends a message to the Alarm Receiving Centre whose operatives will respond appropriately.

Panic alarm button

The best (and easiest) thing to do if someone gains entrance to a residence while an elderly person is inside is or them to press the panic button. This can be button on a dedicated key fob, a button on a smartphone app, or wireless keypad controller (or Pyronix HomeHUB tablet), which can be placed anywhere in the home and is easily accessible. The panic button activation signal is sent directly to the Alarm Receiving Centre who can call the emergency services directly.

Elderly-friendly technology

Because vision impairment is a typical side effect of ageing, it’s critical to have user-friendly security gadgets. Pyronix’s key fobs allow easy, programmable alarm control featuring two large buttons and can be worn on a lanyard around the neck. Medical alert fobs help those with chronic conditions raise the alarm easily in the event of a medical emergency.

Monitor & protect elderly parents

While many elderly individuals are digitally competent, many have struggled to feel comfortable using technological gadgets. By using an app that can monitor and operate all security systems, adult children may watch over their parents. Even youngsters who are separated from their parents may monitor live pictures or video footage to ensure that nothing dodgy is taking place.

Because (in the case of monitored alarms) your system is also remotely overseen by qualified professionals at the Alarm Receiving Centre, there is no possibility of an automatic alert sending a false alarm to the police-a significant advantage because the police may not react if they receive many false alarms from a home.

Other OAP safety measures

A decent security system is a fantastic start, but there are other things individuals can do to prevent being victims of crime. Installing a door chain, as well as having a policy of not answering the door to cold callers, increases the security of answering the door. It’s also a good idea to avoid keeping too much cash at home and to avoid writing down or keeping sensitive information, such as PIN numbers, near credit cards.

A monitored alarm means that you need never have to worry about always being able to check your security system personally. You can relax in the knowledge that trained operatives at a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre oversee and respond appropriately to any alarm activations. Optional personal panic alarms and medical alert fobs mean that not just your property is protected but also your family members. Let Ultimate Alarms install a monitored security system for you to deliver professional levels of protection in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire.

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