Handheld controllers for wireless home alarms

Security system key fobs for easy alarm control

A home alarm key fob is a wireless remote control device similar to the ones you get with your car.

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    Easily set, unset & manage your burglar alarm with Pyronix
    What is a house alarm key fob?

    It’s a pocket-sized device from which you can arm & control your home alarm at the push of a button, offering maximum convenience.

    There are a multitude of settings available with the four button, eight function keyfob so that the user can control the device according to his or her preferences.

    As well as setting and unsetting the alarm, the KEYFOB-WE key fob controls wired automation and displays the status of your security system. The key-fob works in conjunction with our home alarm system.

    Handy, pocket-sized device
    Easy-to-use, button-based
    Customizable to suit your needs
    Set, unset & use as a panic button
    Simple alarm control for vulnerable users
    house alarm keyfob

    Ultimate Alarms - Pyronix key fob features

    Simple multifunction device

    In addition to its use as an alarm key fob, the KEYFOB-WE also functions as a panic button, controls wired automation, and displays the status of the security system.

    Panic button function

    It is possible to program a panic button signal to sound the alarm if help is needed in an emergency. It will also alert the Alarm Receiving Centre if you have a monitored alarm.

    Home automation control

    Additionally, you can control wired home automation devices at the push of a button, such as blinds, gates, or garage doors, with the KEYFOB-WE key fob.

    Add multiple key fobs

    It is simple to add multiple KEYFOB-WE wireless keyfobs to a system and remove them if lost or are needed anymore.

    Customizable button actions

    Check status, arm, disarm, set or unset areas, latch output, timed output, and personal attack actions can be configured.

    Limit functions of specific fobs

    Depending on the keyholder, you can also set up different functions for each key fob, so you don't have to grant full access to the entire property.
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