Deter & scare intruders with an external siren/sounder

Sounders & Alarm Bells for Home Security

Alarm systems with external sirens are effective deterrents against burglary. Bells discourage intruders & the noise persuades them to leave in a hurry.

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    Use the power of sound to protect your home
    Deltabell wired & wireless external sirens & bell boxes system

    An externally-mounted siren is one of the most obvious features of a Pyronix home alarm system installed by Ultimate Alarms. We offer both wired & wireless versions of the high security Deltabell sounders. The bell box fitted outside acts as a visual deterrent to thieves while the flashing light & loud noise when activated attract immediate attention in the event of a break-in & persuade any burglar to leave quickly. Check out our full house alarm systems

    Bell box is a visual deterrent
    Sound notifies your neighbours
    Noise encourages intruders to leave
    Flashing light & sound attract attention
    Shortens the duration of burglaries
    Ultimate Alarm External Siren

    Deltabell Exterior Alarm Bell Features

    High-Performance Audible Alarm

    High performance Piezo with low power delivers a loud audible alarm, ensuring alarm activations are heard and responded to.

    An all-day, all-night deterrent

    The siren has a backlit sounder with an illuminated cover that is activated at night as a visual deterrent, with a choice of five colours for bases and covers.

    Visual & audible alarm combined

    The backlit sounder emits a loud siren and a strobe to alert your neighbours and passers-by of any attempted break-in.


    The bell box has a tamper-proof design, so if the cover, base or power supply are interfered with, the alarm will be triggered.


    The illuminated sounder is made with waterproof polycarbonate plastic and has extra protection around its electronics for trouble-free operation no matter what the weather.

    Battery back-up

    The Deltabell comes with a built-in backup battery to ensure that the siren will still flash & sound when triggered even in the event of a power cut or interference with the supply.
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