Easily control your burglar alarm system from any room

Wireless Keypads, Arming Stations & Alarm Controllers

Keypads & arming stations allow you to manage your alarm without having to go to the main panel or go to your phone app

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    Simple to use home alarm keypads
    Wireless Arming Stations & Keypads by Pyronix

    No-one wants to control their house alarm by having to go to the main control panel every time but neither is it always sensible for all family members to use the phone app.

    The solution is wireless keypads that allow full control of your alarm (set, unset, check status) inside the home from whichever room/s suit you – hall, living room, kitchen, wherever.

    At Ultimate Alarms, we offer affordable burglary alarms in the Glasgow area

    A range of stylish design
    Full control of all functions
    No mess, wireless installation
    Fit up to 4 keypads per property
    Convenient, easy to use alarm controller

    Pyronix Wireless Alarm Keypad Features

    Wireless, convenient, easy to use

    As the wireless arming keypad includes indicators for system status, you will be able to check its status without going to the main control panel. The integrated proximity tag reader makes arming & disarming the system simple.

    Tones for entry and exit

    An audible tone confirms entry or exit from the property.

    Outputs controlled by keypad

    Using the panel, you can activate wired automation outputs, such as opening electrical gates, lighting, garage doors.

    Encrypted communication

    Using Pyronix's two-way wireless protocol, all wireless communication between wireless system components is protected on an extremely high level of security. 128 bit encryption is used to protect the protocol.

    Style & mounting options

    The various keypads & arming stations are now available in different styles with surface & flush mount wired, wireless & freestanding options. For perfect flush mounting, an optional backbox is available separately.

    Cutting-edge alarm technology

    With instant 2-way device control, each device on the system can be instantly woken up and put to sleep, enabling constant communication between the control panel and the alarm’s other wireless components.
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