How do I choose a remote monitoring company?

At Ultimate Alarms we highly recommend installing a monitored alarm system for enhanced protection of your home. There are various monitoring firms out there so it is important to select a reputable operator. We have carefully selected our monitoring partner – Cougar Monitoring Ltd. – and one of the reasons is its possession of NSI Gold accreditation for its remote monitoring service.

The NSI Gold Standard may be one of the most critical accreditations a security firm can have.

What is the NSI Gold Standard, and how does it work?

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is the UK’s premier standard-setting agency for the security and fire-fighting sectors. The organisation has worked for decades to guarantee that service providers in these industries are completely regulated, conducting audits of enterprises throughout the nation and publishing them in the NSI Directory for reference.

The NSI administers a two-tier rewards system that shows excellence and pushes organisations to enhance standards: NSI Silver and NSI Gold accreditation, as a tool for businesses to demonstrate their better working practises.

The NSI Gold Standard incorporates both product certification and the Quality Management System Certification that is relevant to each company’s industry. While Silver approval is tailored toward product accreditation, the NSI Gold Standard incorporates both product certification and the Quality Management System Certification that is relevant to each company’s industry.

These requirements apply to a variety of globally recognised credentials, including:

The NSI Gold Standard has a number of advantages.

Businesses that meet the criteria for Gold Standard certification get a variety of benefits.

It primarily gives proof of high-quality services, goods, and working procedures to clients, but it also delivers the following benefits:

How do you get the NSI Gold Standard?

You must first choose the certification that most closely corresponds to your sector from NSI’s list of schemes before applying for NSI Gold Standard accreditation for your company:

Each industry has its own accreditation (the electronic security industry follows the Systems Silver and NACOSS Gold standards), and certification is gained by applying for the appropriate scheme.

Every company that applies will be given a set of technical criteria that must be completed, and a professional will conduct frequent audits to verify that high-quality standards are being maintained. During these inspections, evidence of continual improvement in working methods, policies, and operations will be sought.

If you need a monitored alarm system in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, or Renfrewshire, contact Ultimate Alarms and let us help you safeguard your house properly with a quality Pyronix burglar alarm combined with professional remote monitoring by Cougar Monitoring, an established and accredited security company based in the UK. Panic alarm and medical alert fob options are available as part of our new system installations.

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