How secure is my front door?

The front door is typically the first thing that comes to mind when looking to secure your house, but how knowledgeable are you about how secure your doors (and locks) are and should be?

The best time to conduct a quick security check of your home is right now, as the summer holidays begin and we are out or away more often. Start with your external front and back doors.

Below are some tips on checking the security of your current doors and locks:

The security of a door depends critically on a secure cylinder. The majority of high-quality cylinders in Scotland have three stars and are British Standard-kitemarked, making them simple to identify. Consider replacing your locks to increase your security if you don’t currently have a kitemarked cylinder because older, less secure cylinders are likely more likely to fail under typical forms of burglar attack like picking or snapping.

Thieves frequently use lock-snapping as a technique of entrance. This is where intruders literally snap a lock mechanism in half by applying force to a protruding part of the lock. Watch out for indications that your cylinder is weak, such as how far it protrudes (weak cylinders protrude beyond the depth of a pound coin) and whether your door handle is flimsy. Replace the cylinder as quickly as you can if either of these situations applies.

Make sure to always lock your windows and doors. Although it may seem like a simple suggestion, many of us develop the habit of leaving windows and doors open, especially if they are located in awkward locations or during those scorching Scottish summers. However, because these windows and doors left open are often not in plain sight, they are popular targets for thieves. In addition, by leaving your windows or doors open, you may even be jeopardising your insurance coverage in the event that you are the victim of a break-in.

You may want to think about upgrading to a smart door entry or access control system which can do away with keys entirely. Some types eliminate the chance of a lock picking or lock snapping attack by restricting access to the cylinder. These contemporary devices are operated by a smartphone, key fob, or PIN code. Smart security systems can also alert you when a door is left open after you leave home, so you’ll never forget to lock your house again.

Verify that all of your windows have locks on them, and if not, think about adding a lock if necessary. This is especially important for the windows on the ground floor, which are often the first place a thief looks when they break into a house because they are often left unlocked or don’t have locks at all, making them an easy way of gaining access with minimal effort.

Ideally you want to deter burglars from attempting to break into your home in the first place and one of the most effective deterrents is to fit a comprehensive home CCTV system and sign your home accordingly. Criminals want an easy target with low risk of detection and identification – the presence of security cameras at a property can be enough to dissuade a housebreaker.

If you’re in the market for home CCTV in Glasgow, call on Ultimate Alarms to get the best system for your house or flat to meet your needs. We only fit quality Pyronix & Hikvision security cameras that provide state-of-the-art video surveillance. Give us a call today to discuss your home CCTV requirements.

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