How to dissuade burglars

Burglary has a major financial and psychological effect on homeowners, which includes not only the financial expenses of replacements and repairs, but also considerable (and often lingering) negative psychological effects.

In addition, victims may face costs to repair doors and/or windows damaged to gain access and replace stolen goods. Housebreaking accounted for nearly 650,000 incidents in the UK last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. Investigate the crime statistics in your neighbourhood.

The 2019-20 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey estimated that 10% of all adults in Scotland had been a victim of some form of property crime.

Here at Ultimate Alarms we think that prevention is always better when it comes to burglaries.

Thieves are often opportunists, so a home that seems to be well-protected will fare considerably better than one that does not. Alarm systems are the most effective burglar deterrent, according to expert burglars.

Monitored alarm systems are widely considered as the most effective deterrent against burglars. Many ex-burglars agree that a home with an alarm system would make them think twice before breaking in. Alarms, on the other hand, are often disregarded, according to the researchers. With this in mind, the majority of criminals believed that the most effective deterrent was a monitored alarm system linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre that responds immediately to all alarm events.

Do you need a house alarm?

Burglaries are considered much more likely in homes with no or limited security than in homes with high-level security. Similarly, the Office for National Statistics discovered that burglary rates are lower in homes with stronger protection. Households with little to no security had ten times the number of burglaries as those with better security, such as a home alarm system. Given that only a very small minority of the stuff taken during burglaries is typically recovered, it’s critical that your house be effectively guarded.

Many ex-burglars advise that if they discovered a house alarm system, they would simply pick another target. Only a very small minority would continue breaking-in.

To lessen your chances of getting burgled, you should invest in a home security system. Our high quality Pyronix monitored alarms are linked to a properly-accredited Alarm Receiving Centre run by security industry experts, Cougar Monitoring, assuring a fast reaction to all activations. The Alarm Receiving Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to trigger emergency security measures, such as police, ambulance, or fire brigade as needed.

Other Effective Burglar Deterrents

While experienced thieves consider a home alarm system that generates an immediate response to be the most effective burglar deterrent, studies show that the more deterrents a home has, the less likely it is to be broken into.


In practically every interview with ex-burglars, CCTV and other video technology were mentioned as one of the main deterrents. In one poll, a majority of ex-burglars stated they would consider the existence of cameras when picking a target, and over a third said it would influence their decision to choose a different target.

Security lights

According to one study, motion-activated lights are another effective deterrent. Only a quarter of households in the UK have motion-activated lighting at the moment. This is a simple technique to improve your defences. The new Pyronix LightCamera combines strong outdoor lighting with a security camera to create an innovative and affordable addition to an alarm system.

Quality window & doors locks

The most basic way to dissuade would-be burglars is to have high quality and highly visible window and door locks. According to one poll, over half of ex-burglars enter via the front or rear door, while under a quarter elected to enter through a low level window.

Television and/or radio

Most burglars are allegedly put off if they hear a radio or TV, as they would be afraid that someone was at home and wouldn’t break in. Rather than leaving a TV, gadgets are available that ape the changing lights of a TV being left on without the huge electricity bill after your fortnight’s holiday.

Car/s in the driveway

A vehicle sitting in the driveway is considered another big deterrent to the thieves, with many ex-burglars saying they would think twice about breaking into a house with a parked car outside it as it is usually a sign that someone is at home. If you are doing this however, remember to remove the keys (including the spare set) from your home.

Canine companions

In a poll of ex-burglars, a barking dog was the second most effective deterrent after a home security system. If there is a dog at home, many thieves will simply not take the risk. But please don’t buy a dog just for added home security…

For burglar alarm systems in Glasgow & central Scotland, Ultimate alarms is here for you whether you’re in Cumbernauld, Clydebank, Carluke or wherever. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home security requirements & arrange a free quotation.

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