How to make a home less attractive to burglars

It is a misconception that burglaries are just unfortunate occurrences that could happen to anyone. This is due to the fact that, in the majority of situations, the property has been specifically targeted because of at least one obvious security failing. Making your home as secure as possible to deter burglars is the best advice you can provide to anyone who wants to increase the security of their home.

To accomplish this, it is necessary to review existing security measures and determine what might be improved. Homes with strong security deter criminals, so those properties are less likely to become targets.

Burglars frequently prowl an area looking for homes they believe have inadequate protection, making them an easy target. In order to prevent criminals from trying to break in in the first place, security measures that are visible from the outside of a house are the most effective.

The following security measures can serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars:

Fit modern doors, windows and locks – these provide more resistance to break-ins than their older counterparts.

Alarm system – the siren box showing a professional installation and signage acts as a deterrent. Consider replacing older, outdated systems.

CCTV cameras – visible security cameras and signage discourage housebreakers who seek to avoid detection and recognition.

Strong padlocks – ensure that your shed, garden room, gate to back garden and garage are suitably locked at all times to prevent easy access for thieves and invest in durable, high quality padlocks.

Regular maintenance – keep your house looking lived-in and well-maintained. Keep the grass cut and the height of hedges low. Criminals prefer unattended properties and look for these tell-tale signs. Obviously unmaintained properties suggest a laxity that is likely to extend to poor home security.

Hide valuables – keep valuables away from windows and in a safe if possible. Don’t serve up temptation to intruders.

These precautions could make the difference between a successful break-in and an unsuccessful effort but the aim is primarily to deter potential burglars and force them to move on to an easier target.

At Ultimate Alarms we provide free home security audits so that gaps in protection can be found and strengthened. It is always worthwhile to have professional assistance with security upgrades to deter criminals.

If you’re looking for a burglar alarm in Glasgow, Lanarkshire or Renfrewshire get in touch with Ultimate Alarms today and let us protect your home the right way.

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