How to pick the right home alarm for you

Because of the wide variety of intruder alarms on the market, selecting the perfect one for your house can be difficult.

An intruder typically takes less than ten minutes to gain access to a residence. A home that has a visible deterrent, such as an intruder alarm, is less likely to be broken into than one that does not. One of the most difficult aspects of selecting the correct alarm for your house is determining what you want to do once your intruder alarm has been activated. Modern burglar alarms have a lot of options that put you or someone else you choose in charge, or if you want, directly in touch with emergency services.

When it comes to determining what degree of security you require, starting with where you live and the sort of home you have can be a smart place to start.

Keeping your flat safe

Flats, which are accessed by a communal door, are frequently targeted by intruders due to lax access control. Once inside the main building, an intruder will usually make their way to the upper floor flats, where they will be less likely to be seen breaking in. As a result, selecting an audible intruder alarm with a powerful siren that is separate from the control panel makes it impossible for an intruder to locate and silence the device. It serves as a huge deterrent to intruders as well as a warning signal to your immediate neighbours.

If someone breaks into your apartment while you’re inside, knowing that you can press the SOS button to send a distress signal to the emergency services right away will put your mind at ease.

If you live in, rent, or let a flat with a shared landing on the first level or higher, your front door is your only line of defence against an invader. Installing a wireless smoke detector system along with your main intruder alarm is a complete safety solution for balancing security and fire safety in a property.

Bungalow living

Because of the enhanced visibility on the ground level and the heightened danger of direct interruption if a burglary occurs while you are at home, living in a bungalow can make you feel more exposed. Having perimeter detectors for your garden installed in your intruder alarm will provide you with advanced notification when an intruder is approaching your house. Shock sensors must be able to pick up on any movement at all of your ground floor’s important entry points, such as windows and doors.

A remote control alarm provides further peace of mind for the elderly, people living alone, or those who require regular medical care, as it may call for help in an emergency.

Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses generally back on to calm through-roads, allowing for a continuous intruder escape through the back garden. Shock sensors installed on fences and gates can detect a break-in attempt. A sophisticated alarm is able to report movement to an alarm receiving center, where it would be looked at and the right steps would be taken.

Alarm stickers placed on windows and doors around your house might serve as a deterrent to potential intruders before they conduct a crime. Signs can be good deterrents because many people live close to each other in semi-detached housing estates.

Detached villas

Detached residences are typically larger and have a surrounding garden, which provides an intruder with a more secluded and enticing target due to the reduced danger of being detected. An integrated security system can provide protection for the entire family in this situation.

Installing a security system with a portable controller (such as our HomeHUB tablet) and a built-in microphone allows you to press a “panic button” and communicate with a security team from anywhere in your home, at any time of day or night. The days of memorising alarm codes are long gone. Install a smart key reader, and anyone in your family can connect and disconnect your alarm using six smart keys in a simple and easy way. This way, you’ll always know who has entered your home and when.

Outbuildings such as sheds, garages, and summer houses can benefit from a surveillance camera like the Pyronix Light Cam. They can stream video and audio and send to a recorder (a physical DVR or a cloud-based solution) for you to review later and use for evidence if necessary using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The LightCam also incorporates high-powered security lighting to illuminate and secure these typically poorly-lit areas of your property.

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