How to protect a garden room

Back in the day, men who wished to get away for a while might go to the garden shed, where they could tinker away on a project and perhaps have a cup of tea. Only a table, tools and a stool were provided along with an old radio to listen to a gardening programme or some light opera should you prefer.

COVID-19 meant working and socialising at home became the norm and the basic shed became a thing of the past as the pandemic turbo-charged our move to garden rooms, including home offices, cinema rooms, garden bars and the man cave (or woman cave). These appear in a variety of forms, sizes, and prices.

Creating a wo/man cave

However, the contemporary man cave is not just for shed hermits. They are outfitted with a variety of gadgets, necessities and luxuries in order to divert and amuse the user. Some are so well furnished that other family members prefer to spend time in them.

There are several types, but here are some of the more popular options:

Back garden pub and games room

A bar, stools, and a dedicated beer fridge are all included in these man caves. Pool tables and dart boards may be seen in certain pub-style garden rooms. Owners who are more technologically savvy may choose gaming console set-ups or big screen TV’s for sports.

Home cinema room

Watching movies or sports requires a large-screen television or possibly a projector, as well as at least one row of couches and walls adorned with unique memorabilia. Good sound systems are also necessary, and high-end speakers may cost thousands of pounds. Do you have any spare cash after all those purchases? Consider investing in a night sky ceiling, like the one seen below:

Home gym/fitness suite

Going to the gym is a waste of time when your man cave contains a treadmill, free weights, and a bench. When it’s too wet to go outside, some fitness cave owners install a rowing machine to keep them in shape. A popular sporting option for Scottish cyclists is the Zwift pain cave where you can get your cycling fix on a turbo trainer even in the depths of a Glaswegian winter. After your exercise, you may relax in the built-in sauna. Even if you don’t have the funds for all of these features, your fitness cave may still be used to store rugby, football, and golf equipment.

Hobby studio

This is, without a doubt, one of the most conventional—and popular—man caves around. Everything from carpentry, RC aeroplanes, motorcycle tinkering to home brewing may be found in the hobbyist cave. Some cave owners use the room to display their artwork, build model railway systems, or hold band rehearsals. Simple walls, concrete floors, and fluorescent lights are common features of these caves. The hobbyist’s cave’s main emphasis is the current project.

There’s money in garden rooms

Such rooms now contain far higher value items than old-style basic sheds, but even little garden sheds may hold valuable objects such as bicycles, lawn mowers, and sporting equipment. Typically these are poorly secured. That’s why most insurance only covers claims from sheds that are properly protected and most plans only offer limited value cover for items in an outbuilding.

Garden room security

Anyone planning to put time, effort, and money into constructing a garden room of any type should include security measures in their budget. If feasible, valuable goods should be photographed and labelled so that they may be recognised if they are stolen.

However, the most crucial goal of outbuilding security is to prevent robbery and burglary. An effective security system should be able to detect intruders, send out an alarm, and keep track of any information that might lead to their identification.

Perimeter detectors detect movement and are calibrated to distinguish between people and animals. When someone attempts to break in via a door or window, a shock sensor detector installed on the door or window activates the house alarm.

All of these gadgets can connect to the control panel, allowing the owner of the man cave to monitor and operate the alarm system from anywhere, and the smartphone app has similar capabilities.

When you opt for a monitored alarm system the Alarm Receiving Centre remotely monitors any warnings to determine if they are false alarms or true emergencies and can take the appropriate action.

These days, given the time and money spent on constructing these increasingly well-used (and expensive) places to unwind, hang out, do work or work out, it makes sense to invest in the best home security technology to protect your garden room.

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