How to protect children from intruders

We all want to feel secure in our own homes, and when there are children involved, security becomes much more important. While security alarms and other deterrents are a vital element of any home’s security, there are a few more actions you can take to improve safety while small children are around.


While you can do all you can to protect your home against burglars, it’s easy to forget to tell your children what they should do in the event of a break-in. Explain the hazards of allowing strangers into the house without frightening little children, and show how to contact 999 for those old enough to use a phone.

Discuss with older children how posting movements on social media sites might be dangerous, especially during vacations and other times when the home would be unoccupied.

Neighbourhood watch

Knowing about current crime behaviour in your neighbourhood, whether via publicly available data or local news reports, may help you customise your home protection appropriately. If there has been strange door-to-door salesperson activity in the region, for example, it might suggest that possible intruders are casing the area. In these instances, be cautious and always ask for identification. Instruct any small children not to open the door to unexpected callers, and any older children to contact a parent immediately if a salesman knocks.

How to call 999

While most break-ins may be avoided, it’s possible that your youngster is the only one who can respond to one. Having them know how to call the appropriate emergency agencies might save their lives in these instances. Simulate 999 calls with children who are old enough to use the phone, and make sure they remember your home location and phone number off the top of their heads in case they need to convey this information to police or ambulance services.

Door entry systems

We may take for granted the locking of doors and windows and activating alarm systems when we leave the home, but youngsters may need a bit more prodding when it comes to security. Apart from hammering it into them as part of their daily routine, there are a variety of automatic locking alternatives that may assure your children’s safety regardless of their actions. Some door entry and alarm systems now offer remote locking and arming through a computer or smartphone, allowing you to keep your house safe from anywhere on the globe.

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