How to protect valuables from burglars

Where burglaries are concerned, here at Ultimate Alarms we believe in the old adage, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. Protecting yourself from housebreaking and its effects takes various forms – from physical security, installing an intruder alarm and CCTV but also simple measures such as making an inventory and marking your valuables to help their recovery if the worst happens.

You have taken all the necessary precautions to secure your house and other valuables.

You have window locks, high-security doors, clear entrances, illumination, an alarm system, hidden safes for valuables, and secured sheds and garages for storing tools and equipment.

Unfortunately, even those who are extremely security-conscious can fall prey to theft, and they often find that the consequences can be just as upsetting and traumatic as the theft itself. When the police and insurance companies ask for information about missing items, many people aren’t organised. This makes claims harder to process and makes the stress and discomfort last longer.

Each year, police find a huge amount of stolen items, but the majority of it cannot be returned since the owner cannot be found or the items linked to specific break-ins. As a result, priceless, sentimental items wind up being sold at auction or even destroyed.

The following are some straightforward steps you can take to avoid these pitfalls:

Make it a habit to keep track of your purchases by taking pictures of the goods, any distinctive markings, any serial numbers, and the original sales receipts. So that you have more than one copy, send the photos to a friend or family member.

On the National Property Register, safely enter the details of your valuables (search online for NMPR). Having this information on hand will make filing any police report or insurance claim more efficient and quick.

When marking goods, add your postcode, phone number, or any other number that is significant to you when marking goods. There are many different marking and labelling techniques available, but any mark will work; it need not be expensive.

Consider registering your possessions on a database connected to the police. Visit the loss and theft section of the Police Scotland website for suggestions. Such registration might deter thieves from readily selling your item, in addition to assisting the police in recovering it.

Each month, millions of pounds’ worth of stolen goods are prevented from being sold on in Britain thanks to property registration, which also helps offer crucial evidence to aid in the prosecution of offenders.

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