How to secure a garage

While we all think about home security to some degree, it usually takes the shape of burglar alarms, firmly closed windows and doors, and overall vigilance against intruders.

However, certain parts of the house are often neglected when it comes to security, and they are the most susceptible to break-ins. Garages are a great example of this, and failing to lock yours correctly might invalidate any other home security measures you have in place, leaving the valuable items present in it at greater risk of theft.

A criminal with a rudimentary understanding of what they’re doing may quickly circumvent lower-quality automatic or electric garage doors with anything as basic as a coat hanger. Similarly, putting the garage door opener inside your car adds an additional incentive for opportunistic vehicle theft.

Garage Door Safety Basics

Leave valuables far out of sight in your garage, just as you would in your house. Consider using tinted glass for windows or just storing anything that would appeal to burglars inside your house while it’s not in use (unless it’s your vehicle, of course).

Connecting Doors

Some garages are linked to residences by an interior entryway, which gives burglars another entrance into the property. Under enough effort, even the toughest residential garage doors would bend. Hence, additional deadlocks on these inside doors are required in this circumstance. Consider the door linking your house and garage to be your front entrance and take security precautions accordingly.

Security Options

Why not install a camera in your garage as well as your house? CCTV cameras provide more than simply the chance of recording and photographing someone in the act of a break-in; they also serve as a visual deterrent.

Alarm systems for your house may simply be expanded to include your garage. Speak with our experts at Ultimate Alarms to learn more about your garage security choices, and always use an NSI-approved system for the best results.

Neighborhood Patrols

Keep an eye out for strange behaviour near your neighbours’ garages. This may not be as clear as just calling the cops if you witness someone kicking their way into a garage; an open garage with a vehicle parked outside may not seem to be unusual, but it might be a bold break-in in process. Hopefully, your neighbours will reciprocate by keeping an eye on your home while you’re away.

For house alarm systems and CCTV cameras that can protect your garage contact Ultimate Alarms today. We supply and fit suitable surveillance solutions in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire & Lanarkshire.

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