Intruders: What is “reasonable force”?

It’s a circumstance that none of us wants to be in, and it’s unlikely that we ever will. Understanding our options in the event of an intruder in the house, on the other hand, is critical for striking the correct balance between protecting our property and keeping on the right side of the law.

Many of us still see the matter of intruder defence as a bit of a murky area. While there is some sense of being allowed to use “reasonable force,” one person’s view of what this entails may vary greatly from another’s.

What is the legal definition of “reasonable force”?

Unfortunately, although the law allows us a certain amount of protection when it comes to protecting our homes, it does not specify what constitutes “reasonable force.” However, government instructions do allude to actions that may be taken.

What is the legal definition of “excessive force”?

While the law allows for some latitude in determining what constitutes appropriate force, there are a few circumstances where it is quite explicit about what constitutes excessive force.

Because prevention is always preferable to cure, ensure that your house is adequately protected against intruders to avoid the need for any force on your part. A high quality Pyronix house alarm system combined with Hikvision CCTV surveillance offers the maximum deterrent against intruders to protect your property.

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