IP security cameras vs analogue systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems have long been used to secure companies and residences in the UK, functioning as a visual deterrent as well as a tool for police to capture offenders.

CCTV systems have clear benefits, but they can have drawbacks. CCTV may provide a variety of challenges, ranging from inflexible storage and monitoring of video to a complicated installation procedure.

Fortunately, technology has progressed to overcome this, with the emergence of IP camera systems in the past decade or so, which provide a number of advantages over old analogue CCTV.

What is an IP (internet protocol) system?
A digital form of a CCTV system is an Internet Protocol system. It utilises an Ethernet connection to send pictures and sounds as data quickly, enabling for remote surveillance of many regions from a single location with higher quality footage than older equipment allowed.

For a variety of reasons, IP cameras offer advantages over the older technology of traditional CCTV devices.

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