Keep A Check On Your Front Door Security

There remains a high risk of break-ins at the front door when it comes to home security. According to ONS statistics, 76% of house burglaries in England and Wales occur when the culprit gains access through a door 1 , so it is imperative to maintain a high level of front door security.

As we prepare for Christmas, many of us will start receiving more deliveries each day as we head into the festive season. As a result of this increase in visitors during the festive season, the front door is often left open all day and all night, making the property a convenient target for opportunistic thieves.

In order to provide the best level of protection for your home, it’s essential to remember to lock your front door at night and during the day when it’s not in use.

As well as lock snapping and using different tools to gain access to homes, opportunistic thieves continue to use different tactics to break in. As a result, you can secure your home and prevent break-ins by having a front door lock that meets specific standards set by professional institutions.

What type of lock is required for your door? If you have a wooden door, you will need a lock that meets BS3621 standards.

Make sure your composite door has been tested according to PAS 24 and has a Secured by Design certificate. This means that the lock has been tested against a very high level of attack.

Euro cylinders are the most common lock type for UPVC doors or multipoint locks, but they’re prone to lock snapping, so a lock with a 3-star rating is needed for them. UPVC door locks come with a star rating of either one, two, or three stars, with 3-stars offering the highest level of protection. When choosing a lock for a UPVC door, keep an eye out for the stars.

There are currently a variety of euro cylinders available on the market, most of which offer only a standard level of security for homes. It doesn’t matter what type of cylinder it is, thumbturn cylinders, 6 pin singles, euro turn cylinders, or double turn cylinders all provide an average level of protection against general forms of attack and lock tampering.

Go for the stars

Homeowners and trade professionals can rest assured that security locking systems installed in their homes meet the requirements and specifications by using a rating system introduced by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The most secure cylinders available for UK locks are 3-star rated and Kitemarked, making them easily recognisable.

Multiple lines of defence for the front door are offered by 3-star cylinders, including Anti-Snap, Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump, Anti-Screw, Anti-Pull, and Anti-Drill protection.

This Yale lock is approved to TS007 and endorsed by the Police Secured by Design Scheme, making it Yale’s most secure lock to date. In case your Platinum 3-star cylinder snaps due to a forced break-in, Yale offers a £1,000 guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

It’s quick and easy to change your lock, even if you’re put off by the idea.

It’s a simple upgrade that can increase your home’s security significantly. If you prefer to hire a professional installer, you can upgrade your Euro Profile cylinder yourself.

Defenses on multiple fronts

Lock your door, even if you are at home, during the day and night, as we head into the season of dark nights. Before the nights get darker, get a professional locksmith to check your lock for durability and security, and if necessary, upgrade it.

It is also worth considering a smart door lock if you are planning to upgrade your front door. With their added convenience and high level of security, smart door locks are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for security. By using your smartphone, you can control who enters your home, track who has opened the door, and provide temporary or permanent digital keys to family, friends, and work professionals.

In order to protect your front door and your house, additional security is essential. From simple door chains to smart security cameras, there are a wide range of products that can help.

Your front door can be neatly positioned with smart security cameras, or they can be positioned so that they overlook your home’s entrance. With your smartphone, you can view who has visited your home, when the delivery was made or if any suspicious activity has occurred. Choose a smart security camera that has all the features you want, including a siren, light, night vision, and two-way communication.

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