Maintaining your burglar alarm

Burglar alarm systems are an important part of any security system, whether it is for a house or a business. Alarms provide tremendous advantages to overall security by acting as a visible and auditory deterrent to opportunistic attackers as well as alerting individuals around a break-in in progress.

That is why it is essential to get any problems with a burglar alarm fixed as soon as possible in order to maintain optimal security levels at all times.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Alarm

Thanks to advances in technology, many alarm systems are now enabled to send some type of notice when they fail. Simple failures are often accompanied by an alarm system signal, such as an intermittent beep (usually indicating a battery that is running out somewhere within the system, or a malfunction indicated due to an obscured sensor).

Complex faults, on the other hand, are more difficult to detect and may result in full failure or repeated false alarms. Whether there is an issue with the triggering, sensors, electricity, sounders, circuitry that has gone “open circuit,” or other components, many alarm panels will have a method of showing specific defects that can be deciphered by an alarm expert.

Why repair a faulty alarm?

Apart from the apparent requirement to maintain maximum security at all times on the property, repairing a damaged or malfunctioning alarm is critical for a variety of reasons.

The majority of burglaries in the UK still occur as a result of forced entry (rather than doors/windows being left unlocked or other instances of property owner carelessness), emphasising the need for a good security alarm.

If the extra protection provided by a burglar alarm is included in your insurance cost, having a broken or non-operational system might violate the conditions of your policy, leaving you very exposed in the case of a break-in. Many insurance companies regard a defective alarm to be akin to leaving the property without setting an alarm, which would almost definitely nullify most insurance claims.

Regular maintenance

While repairing a broken alarm is a crucial part of maintaining security, prevention is always preferable to cure. In this scenario, prevention requires regular maintenance, when engineers will inspect and test all components of the burglar alarm system, from sounders and control panels to sensors and electrical/battery-powered elements.

Regular maintenance of your system and its component components can assist in preventing any malfunctions, and many insurance companies will require it as part of a contract.

Ultimate Alarms provides ongoing service and support for all home alarms that we have fitted which means that you need have no worries if a fault occurs or you simply require further support.

Time for replacement?

If your old alarm is no longer fit for purpose, then it may be time to replace it and benefit from the additional protection and convenience that a modern home security system has to offer.

For smart house alarms that combine cutting-edge technology combined with easy control by smartphone, fob or keypad look no further than a Pyronix security system supplied & installed by Ultimate Alarms. Contact us today for burglar alarm installation in Glasgow, Paisley and throughout central Scotland.

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