Panic Button Technology from Pyronix

Wireless Panic Alarms & Medical Emergency Fobs

Use your home alarm to protect your family members from medical & other emergencies with Pyronix wireless keyfobs

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    Wearable personal & medical alert alarms

     A Pyronix alarm from Ultimate Alarms allows you to protect not just your property but also your family members with HUD/MED-WE keyfobs. These panic/alert fobs allow vulnerable users to raise the alarm easily in the case of a medical emergency or other threat. They communicate wirelessly with the alarm at the push of a button to summon help when needed ASAP. These panic/alert alarms are part of our monitored alarm packages.

    Large, easy to use buttons
    Medical alert for vulnerable users
    Hold-up device & attack alarm
    Call for help easily & quickly
    Wearable or wall-mounted system
    panic alarms

    Personal protection alarm fobs

    Panic alarm fob

    Fobs can be used by any customer – they offer reassurance when alone at home as they can be used as a panic button in any kind of attack or emergency situation.

    Medical alert fob

    In the event of a fall or faint, elderly or disabled users may be unable to call for help but the fob’s simple buttons allow contact to the alarm receiving centre to be made easily.

    Wearable personal alarm

    The small, light alarm fob is supplied with a keyring, lanyard & belt clip so can be worn by a user so it is always accessible or alternatively mounted on a wall for use.

    Protect elderly relatives

    Pyronix HUD/MED-WE fobs allow elderly or vulnerable users to communicate easily with the alarm to summon help should they have an accident or require urgent assistance.

    Simple to use

    The two large buttons on the fob make it easy for anyone to use – the alarm is activated simply by pressing & holding both buttons for two seconds to contact the ARC.

    Two-way wireless technology

    The fob provides up to 300m of wireless range which means that the user can move about normally in & around the property and remain protected by the alarm system.
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