Protect your home & family from fire with Ultimate Alarms

Security system integrated smoke & heat alarms

Our high quality Pyronix security systems can be expanded with dedicated smoke & heat alarms to provide fire protection for all-round home safety.

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    Alarm System Smoke & Heat Detectors

    Alarms from Pyronix do more than protect against intruders; the optional SMOKE-WE detector raises the alarm in case of smoke, which protects your home and family. For areas such as kitchens, the HEAT-WE detector will provide accurate and dependable fire detection (if the temperature rises above 57°C or higher) with prompt alarm notification via the always-connected app. This is part of our home monitored alarm package.

    Linked smoke alarms
    Linked heat alarms for kitchens
    Carbon monoxide alarm available
    Add fire detection to your alarm
    Built-in sounders for audible warning
    Smoke Alarm

    Pyronix smoke alarms & heat detectors features

    Reliable optical detection

    With the SMOKE-WE, a photoelectric sensor, light source, and optical chamber are used to detect smoke accurately for alarm triggering.

    Loud & clear alarms

    SMOKE-WE has a built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing LED lights. These features provide an immediate and clear alarm when smoke is detected.

    Low-battery monitoring

    The detector will send a signal to the control panel when the battery runs low. A push notification will also appear via the app to alert the user of the fault.

    High security encryption

    The Pyronix two-way wireless protocol ensures secure communication between all wireless system components within Pyronix systems using advanced 128-bit encryption.

    Neat wireless installation

    Fully wireless smoke detectors & heat alarms means that there is no need to run wiring along ceilings or through walls reducing disruption during installation & leaving a clean finish.

    Fixed heat detection

    The two-way wireless HEAT-WE heat detector with 57°C fixed detection heat is easily and efficiently integrated into any Pyronix system and can provide continuous and reliable safety sensing.
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