Perimeter protection with wireless home alarm sensors

Magnetic door opening sensors

Smart, compact & wireless door sensors to alert the alarm system & you to unauthorised entry in a range of colours.

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    Enhanced security with magnetic contact door opening detectors

    Wireless Door Sensors

    Your home’s windows & doors are the most common entry point for intruders so it is important to alarm them too. Pyronix’s magnetic contact window & door sensors allow you to keep an eye on your home's entrances and exits all the time. The sensors detect when a door or window is opened which triggers the burglar alarm. Incorporating reed switch magnetic door & window detectors into your alarm system ensures maximum security.
    Early detection of forced entry
    Maximise perimeter protection
    Unobtrusive & clean appearance
    Works on both doors & windows
    Optional audible chime setting

    Mini magnetic door sensor features

    Various colours available

    Suit your home’s style with standard white, brown or anthracite grey colours available to match any interior aesthetic.

    Wireless and hassle-free

    The system is fully wireless, which means you won't have to lift floorboards, drill holes or move furniture to run wiring.

    Anti-tamper protection

    The sensor’s construction offers protection against accidental damage or malicious tampering, giving the user peace of mind that the system is secure.

    Self-aware sensors

    Information from the sensors is continually transmitted to the control panel to ensure the burglar alarm system remains secure & fully-operational.

    Two-way wireless technology

    All wireless devices on the Enforcer system, including door sensors, are transmitters and receivers. Compared to some one-way and two-way wireless products currently available, this offers a significant advantage.

    High security wireless encryption

    A high level of security is ensured by Pyronix's two way wireless protocol, which has been developed to ensure protected communication between all wireless system components.

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