Secure the exterior of your property with Ultimate Alarms

Wireless External Sensors for full Perimeter Protection

Wireless external sensors & detectors mean that your garden, drive, vehicles & outbuildings can be protected by your home security system

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    All round property protection - in- and outside

    What is an external motion detector?

    Essentially it's a motion detector that protects any outdoor area of your home, whether it's a garden, driveway or outdoor social space. Pyronix’s combined microwave and double PIR technology detects entry across your property’s set boundaries so that the alarm is triggered even before he/she gets close to your home but built-in logic avoids potential false alarms caused by animal movement & weather.
    Early warning of intruders
    No mess wireless installation
    Fully weatherproof sealed optics
    Technology to minimise false alarms
    Protect outdoor areas of your property
    wireless detector

    House Alarms to Meet Your Needs

    Heavy duty for reliability

    Pyronix wireless external sensors have been designed for absolute reliability. Robust polycarbonate construction delivers protection from weather, tampering & discolouration.

    Tri-Signal Detection Logic

    The combination of 2 x PIR & 1 x microwave sensors ensures a high level of external security for your outside spaces whilst minimising false alarms.

    Various ranges available

    No matter the size of your outdoor areas, Pyronix has sensors to provide optimal protection with a wireless signal range of up to 1.6km in open space.

    Anti-Sway Analytics

    Pyronix’s advanced filter means that there is no need to worry about false alarms being triggered because of windy conditions or swaying tree branches.

    Weatherproof to IP55

    Weatherproofed to IP55, sensors are durable and reliable in all kinds of weather, including dust ingress, heavy rain, snow and water jets from any direction.

    Pet immune technology

    Combining non-overlapping PIR sensors with Tri-Signal Detection Logic delivers highly secure sequential detection, while increasing pet tolerance (reducing false alarms).

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