Intruder detection by Ultimate Alarms

PIR Motion detectors with wireless technology

A key part of our alarm systems, passive infrared wireless movement detectors are the frontline of protecting your home

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    Burglar alarm detectors protect your home

    Wireless movement sensors

    PIR motion sensors detect infrared energy (invisible to the eye) emitted by all objects that emit heat. The motion-based detectors detect the presence of intruders through the movement of this infrared energy. Pyronix’s sensors deliver maximum protection for your home with various ranges, coverage types, pet tolerance and indoor and outdoor options. The wireless technology that means reliable communication and enables a no mess installation with a minimum of disruption.
    Pet tolerant detectors available
    Various ranges to suit all room types
    Reliable intruder detection in all conditions
    Secure wireless communication technology
    Add additional sensors to extend alarm coverage
    pet friendly alarm

    Pyronix alarms wireless motion sensors offer:

    Pet-friendly detectors

    The KX10DP-WE pet-friendly detector is ideal if you have dogs or cats but still want to have extra peace of mind that your home is protected.

    Easy to install & arm/disarm

    Being wireless means there is minimal disruption to install plus multiple control options: keyfob, proximity tag, code, smartphone, or tablet to arm or disarm your system.

    Blue Wave Technology

    Using this technology further enhances the ability of the detector to shield itself from infrared “background noise” with 3D optics & cutting-edge software.

    Temperature compensation

    Pyronix technology allows the detector's sensitivity to automatically adjust to the ambient conditions to ensure intruder detection remains effective in all weathers.

    Sealed optics

    Protects against possible insect infestation, prevents air movement in front of the pyroelectric sensor and eliminates adverse reflections from the detector housing.

    Instant Two Way Device Control

    The control panel and wireless devices are able to communicate continuously while preserving battery power, allowing instant wake up and sleep of each system component.

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