Protect your perimeter with wireless shock sensors

Shock Detection for Break-in Alerts

Wireless shock sensors from Ultimate Alarms detects & alerts you to the forced opening or breaking of windows or doors by burglars.

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    Vibration detection as part of your home alarm system

    What is a Wireless Shock Sensor Detector?

    The Pyronix SHOCK range of sensors detect the vibration created when an intruder tries to force a window or door or break the glass of a window when he/she attempts entry. The device is attached to doors and windows, so when someone tries to break in, the shock detector will immediately activate the alarm to provide early warning of an attempted burglary.
    Immediate alert of a break-in
    Smart tech minimises false alarms
    Peace of mind external security
    Clean, no fuss wireless installation
    Vibration detected: alarm is triggered

    Shock & glassbreak sensor features

    Sleek & stylish design

    Manufactured from robust, high-quality ABS plastics & designed specifically for mounting on walls, ceilings, doors, windows, or anywhere a shock sensor is required.

    Various colours available

    Choose standard white, brown or anthracite grey colours to match your home's style to ensure the sensors remain unobtrusive.

    Wireless & hassle-free

    Wireless technology eliminates the need to drill holes in door or window frames or make structural alterations to run wiring.

    Gross attack detection

    When an alarm is triggered by a vibration higher than the calibrated sensitivity, the pulse count setting is bypassed and the alarm is activated directly.

    Protection around the clock

    Pyronix shock sensors provide secure perimeter detection with the freedom to move around, meaning the alarm system can be permanently armed 24/7.

    Piezoelectric sensor detection

    Gravity-independent & with no no moving parts, Pyronix shock detectors can be installed in any orientation or plane.

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