Protect the perimeter of your house from intruders

The best thing you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound inside your home is to safeguard it starting with the exterior. If your home has a modern, sturdy front door and up-to-date locks then you’ll have a great first line of defence to keep out any unwelcome invaders.

There are numerous things you can do to further increase the security of your property. These can seem like minor measures, but they’ll soon add up and make a big difference, giving you complete peace of mind.

Keep your private life private

We all want to post about our upcoming vacations on social media, but you should strive to hide the fact that your home will be unoccupied since you never know who might be looking. Don’t keep keys beneath doormats or plant pots if you’re asking friends to watch over your dogs or water your plants. Sneaky burglars are aware of these popular locations to check.

Secure all of your valuables and tools

Remember to keep your outbuilding or shed securely locked. Since many homeowners ignore these buildings and don’t keep them as secure, any goods inside are easily accessible. Additionally, any tools or equipment you keep in your shed might be used by would-be intruders as a means of entry.

Invest in smart technology

Physical security such as quality doors, windows and locks provide a decent baseline but you can and should invest in modern technologies to deliver true home security. Nowadays you can even use your phone to check the status of your front door thanks to modern intruder alarm and door entry/access control systems. Video doorbell cameras that connect to your phone through an app let you keep an eye on everyone who knocks on your door, no matter where you are. This gives you full control at all times.

These are simple but effective strategies. Even though it surely helps, securing your home requires more than just a good front door. You and your family can be safer than ever if you protect your privacy online, lock up valuables and keys, and deploy the latest smart security technology.

Invest in a home CCTV system

Domestic video surveillance cameras combined with motion detection, night vision and security lighting allows you to monitor and protect the boundaries of your property from intruders and give early warning of perimeter breaches.

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