Questions to ask when buying a burglar alarm

If you’re looking for a security alarm, a quick online search can bring up hundreds of intruder alarm providers all fighting for your business. So, how can you know which security system is best for you?

Recommendations from friends and family or online reviews? No matter what you’re looking for in a security alarm, just talking to a professional monitored alarm installer such as Ultimate Alarms is a great way to start so you can fully understand any system’s features and how they will protect and help you.

How will the home security system keep burglars out?

No home security system will guarantee that criminals will not try to break into your home, but installing a complete home security system will function as a powerful deterrent and enable you to catch any burglar who tries to break in. Any full home alarm system should include many triggers that activate the alarm and capture evidence of a break-in, if one occurs. Motion detectors, security cameras, and door alarms are all important alarm components to check for.

What distinguishes a security system from others on the market?

Any full home alarm system must be constantly monitored by an alarm response centre in order for action to be done as promptly as possible if your alarm is triggered. Any company offering a full alarm system should have security experts on call 24 hours a day, ready to respond as soon as an alarm signal is received. This gives you complete peace of mind, whether you are at home or away, that your property is being watched.

How is your home security system set up?

The placement of alarm detectors on wired alarms is restricted. Look for a wireless home security system that does not require any rewiring or installation. Your detectors can be positioned in the best positions, pointing straight at windows or doors, using a wireless alarm system. If necessary, wireless detectors can be easily changed.

How does your home security system protect the perimeters of your property?

A full home alarm system’s primary function is to alert you to the first evidence of a break-in. Any full house alarm system should contain both outside and indoor motion sensors to ensure that every part of your property is protected.

Is it possible to control my alarm from a phone?

What good is a contemporary alarm system if you can’t get information or manage it remotely online? Look for an alarm system that includes a mobile phone management application so you can know the status of your alarm as soon as it is activated.

How much does your entire home security system cost?

Your property’s security requirements will inevitably differ from those of your neighbour. The pricing structure of an alarm system might help you determine if you’re purchasing a custom security solution or an off-the-shelf device. Before you acquire an alarm quote, get your property inspected by a security specialist so you can have a better sense of your exact security needs.

Will your alarm system operate if I don’t have access to a landline?

Choose an alarm with built-in WiFi and/or a GPRS-SIM capability to make sure that your alarm’s communication with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is never interrupted.

If I’m at home, would the alarm system still protect me?

A multi-mode security alarm can be set to a particular level of protection so that it is as effective when you are inside the building.

Who will install the alarm system?

Any alarm system installation should be done by a team of experienced alarm technicians. They should be able to install your system, walk you through the features, and perform a test before departing.

If ongoing customer support and maintenance provided?

The last thing you want is to buy an alarm system only to discover that if something goes wrong, you’re on your own. Inquire with your home security expert about their company’s after-sales service and whether you’ll be charged extra if something goes wrong with your alarm system.

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