Seasonal variations in property crime

Research has been conducted into the seasonality of property crimes that discovered clear trends in property crime over the course of the year. As the seasons change, we must be aware that some crimes are more prevalent at particular times of the year, and we must take steps to reduce our chances of being targeted.

So, what kinds of crimes are most common at particular times, and what can you do to protect yourself?

With the arrival of winter and the turning back of the clocks, autumn brings longer evenings, giving criminals more opportunities to operate under the cover of darkness.

Bonfire night and Halloween attract a huge number of people who are out late at night, providing an excellent chance for burglars to prey on naive revellers or vacant homes.

The long evenings have an impact on crime in the winter, just as they do in the autumn, but Christmas also plays a role.

Domestic burglary is slightly more common in the winter than in the summer, according to the ONS, with over six thousand more incidents reported between 2009 and 2012.

This is most likely owing to the opportunity that Christmas presents present to thieves, as well as the impact of “Blue Monday,” a day in January when financial woes are at their greatest due to festive over-spending.

According to research, shoplifting and non-domestic burglary are slightly more prevalent in the spring than in the autumn, but there is no clear reason for why this is so.

One thing to keep in mind at home is that spring is typically when we spend the most time gardening. It’s great for your plants, but it could also be a welcoming invitation to burglars, as we frequently leave garage doors open to allow easy access to tools.

Summertime sees a spike in theft away from home, simply because more people are out and about. Bicycle theft is more common in the summer, with instances increasing by over one and a half times.

There’s an intriguing rationale behind the rise in crime throughout the summer. Excess heat causes humans to overproduce adrenaline, which can lead to excessive levels of hostility, according to new research from North America. Perhaps we have less to worry about in Scotland due to the typical lack of summer heat…

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