Shed security tips

Every year, around 20,000 shed burglaries are recorded in the United Kingdom.

The shed may not be your first priority when it comes to house security. You may believe there is nothing worth stealing, yet the overall value of a shed’s contents is sometimes much greater than people believe. Unlike the rest of the house, sheds usually lack security systems, making them an easy target.

Here we’ll give some tips on deterring shed break-ins.

Replace any broken or old padlocks & door locks

Burglars will be looking for old, weak locks or clasps that are easy to break. Upgrade your shed door locks

Replace worn or damaged hinges

It’s possible that older hinges have rusted, grown loose or exposed, making them easy to undo even without tools. A loose door is an easy entry point.

Replace any loose slats.

Natural deterioration will result in slats that are weak or loose. Intruders might take them away to get access to your shed so replace any rotten wooden slats.

Install security lighting

Burglars will be drawn to sheds that are located in gloomy places where their presence can go unnoticed. Lighting at the front of your shed makes it less attractive to burglars.

Install a burglar alarm

A quality home alarm system can also secure your shed. Coverage can be extended to cover outbuildings and marking your shed as alarmed will dissuade most break-in attempts. Should a burglary then be attempted, the system will alert you to give you early warning.

Install surveillance cameras.

Due to the risk of being identified (and then caught and prosecuted), burglars are less likely to target a shed that is monitored by CCTV and marked as such.

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