Smart home security tips and precautions

Burglar alarms, security lighting, CCTV, and deadbolts are generally the first things that come to mind when you think of traditional home security. But security equipment has changed to include things like monitored alarms, smart security cameras, video doorbells, door entry, access control, smart plugs, and lighting, to name but a few.

The goal of all intelligent security devices is to provide you with greater power and knowledge over your home’s protection. Simply said, smart security entails being able to manage the security system from any internet-connected device. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use the connected apps to keep your house safe from anywhere in the world.

But you should take a few precautions before putting smart security gadgets to use.

Change the default password on the device if it appears to be easily guessable.

Cybercriminals may find passwords that are easy to guess, so be sure to select a secure one. Online resources offer suggestions for secure password creation.

Many cameras can be trained to recognise known faces and warn you of strangers, and some door entry systems even allow you to create virtual keys so that friends and family can enter the house when you’re not there. This is a really useful feature, but you should change the default passwords and, if available, use two-factor authentication (2FA) to make sure that only people who are allowed may access it. Even if a criminal knows your password, they will have a lot tougher time accessing your online accounts thanks to 2FA, which gives you a way to confirm that you are who you say you are.

Additionally, you should make sure your WiFi router has a strong password because it serves as a convenient entry point for hackers to access your “home network.”

When buying smart home security solutions, you should consider product compatibility, usability, mobile app functionality, and battery backup features.

Software updates are important for maintaining the security of your devices, just like they are for your computers and smartphones. Consider the following for each of your smart devices:

Turn on the option to automatically install updates (if available).

When requested, install any manual updates.

Ensure the operating system on your device is up to date.

Consulting a professional security installer, like Ultimate Alarms, to specify, supply, and install a smart monitored alarm and a full home CCTV system tailored to the needs of your home and family can be the quickest way to the right system and complete peace of mind if you are unsure of what you need, your ability, or the effectiveness of a DIY security system.

For smart house alarms that combine cutting-edge technology combined with easy control by smartphone, fob or keypad look no further than a Pyronix security system supplied & installed by Ultimate Alarms. Contact us today for home security system installation in Glasgow, Paisley and throughout central Scotland.

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