Smoke detectors in the home

The majority of UK homes have at least one fire alarm, but home fire alarms often fail to notify residents of a fire with smoke detectors being out of range often being to blame.

The location of your smoke detectors is crucial; it might be the difference between life and death.

This post will go over how many smoke detectors you should have and where they should be placed in your house.

What is the recommended number of smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors must be installed on every level, including the basement, and in every bedroom. This implies a two-story home with three bedrooms and a basement needs at least six smoke detectors.

Where should you not install smoke detectors in your home?

Smoke alarms should be installed as near to the centre of the room as feasible, but at least 30cm/12in away from any wall or light fixture. Make sure your alarm is installed in a location where it can be heard throughout your house, especially while you are sleeping.

If you have a one-story house, place the alarm in the corridor between the living and sleeping spaces. If you just have one smoke alarm and two levels, mount it on the ceiling at the top of the stairwell leading to the bedrooms so you can hear it while sleeping.

Install a smoke alarm in your bedroom if you have a TV or other large electrical equipment present.

How frequently should your smoke detectors be tested?

The average smoke detector lasts for around 10 years. You should look for a replacement every 10 years. You should also test your alarm once a month by pressing the button on the alarm.

In Scotland, the law has recently changed to make interlinked smoke and heat alarms mandatory in homes.

With Pyronix home alarm systems you have the option of integrating smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors into your security system so you have all-round protection from both intruders and other emergencies.

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